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What is a shit test?

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It’s Friday night, you and a couple of buddies want to head downtown, you guys are on a mission, the mission simple… Meet with some cuties. 

You approach several girls throughout the night, and start chatting, 

You work your way through a couple of girls, eventually, you find the one and start vibing well with each other.

Things seem to be going well, she’s enjoying herself, she even starts showing some signs that she’s interested.

Shit, this one is attractive. She has something going for her. 

“Tonights gonna be a good night,” you tell yourself.

Then the record screeches to a halt… Out of nowhere…

“You’re not my type.”

Wait… What?!

Things were going so well… She was giving you all these signs, and out of nowhere drops this on you…

So, What do you do?

Most guys will take this for face value and walk away, or get shaken mentally from this and not know how to best handle this.

Some guys will go the emotional route only to get upset.

Some just flat out drop the ball. The girl then ejects from the conversation.

Most men may not be wise to the fact that she was just testing the waters.

She’s giving you a shit test. Passing this tells her a lot…

I am going to give you details on

  • Shit Test
  • Types of shit tests 
  • Yhy you need to pass shit tests
  • Should you give her shit tests?

So what is a shit test? – 

The term shit test is defined as “A test given to determine how full of shit a person is. The more someone is full of shit, the less shit he/she will be able to handle from external stressors”.

In the basic terms for dating it’s “It’s a test of whether you are going to live up to what you’ve promised.”

The girl is trying to see if you are congruent/living up to what you’re saying.

In today’s culture, when in a more “fun environment” downtown, bars, nightclubs… 

Women are more likely to give shit tests. When talking to a guy she may be attracted to and be placed in an emotional state.

The fact that the girl is going out of her way to tell you something that’s challenging, showing you that she has an interest in you

Passing the shit will give her more assurance on whether or not you are a suitable mate.

Now while this can be a subtle style of flirting, Shit tests are a way for women to filter out guys that are bullshiters along with beta males just trying to fuck her.

Even in relationships, girlfriend will throw shits tests out at her man to see if he’s still congruent with his words.

Or he’s fallen off.

If a woman stops testing you she believes you have reached your potential. You have gotten soft and your emotions ceiling may be too low for her to continue pushing you. 

These can often be signs of her losing interest

The harder she pushes you emotionally the more potential she sees in you as a masculine force to be drawn to.

Now while women are the primary masters when it comes to giving shit tests they aren’t the only ones. 

Men shit test each other as well but for other reasons and in other ways.

We will shit test each other to see who is move confident in the current situation, we test each other to force each other to be better(Military, Sports, other competitive situations). 

If a teammate/friend shit tests you typically it’s his way of making sure your skill is on point and he wants you to continually improve.

School is where most men will begin to receive their first form of shit tests.

You will face many of these, not just in sports, even in a work environment and school although it is more subtle in these situations. 

Women on the other hand are more likely to shit test without being aware that they are giving a shit test.

To some women, this is the process they’ve used to give themselves a level of comfort/assurance with men.

You should View it as a Compliment & An Opportunity.

If you’ve been given a shit test before, give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations you were doing something right.

Shit tests are a signal that you are on the right path, that you are making her receptive(drawn) to you.

This is why a shit test should be viewed as a compliment. An opportunity, to show how confident you are in your own skin.

Shit tests for women can be a way of flirting with a guy. 

She is giving you an indicator of interest, that you are showing potential, a short term potential, maybe longer.

Shit tests are an opportunity to display your sexual market value, and when you pass them a woman will be begging you for her attention when done correctly.

It’s not an insult.

Inexperienced men will take shit tests and be put in a reactive state, possibly get insulted, even upset.

These men have to shift their view and realize she’s discreetly cheering you on, do not get annoyed or discouraged. 

Your response to this shit test will tell her what she needs to know to determine whether or not she will sleep with you, go on a date with you, even continue talking to you.

She wants you to prove her wrong, and be that guy that gives her a positive emotional experience. 

She wants to have a good time not just physically.

The difference between a shit test and flat out disrespect

Shit tests should be seen as an opportunity, whereas flat out disrespect or an insult is just flat out not tolerated. 

“You are a fat ugly piece of shit” is disrespect, not a shit test.

Her telling you to go fuck off, throwing her glass in your face, and walking away is not a shit test.

You are going to have to use some judgment in this area and figure out what she is telling you is plain disrespect or a shit test.

Oftentimes tonality, body language, and the mood will be enough to let you know.

types of shit tests

Now that you have a solid foundation of what a shit test is, it’s time for you to know the most common types of shit tests a woman will give a man.

  • Compliance 
  • Congruency 
  • Fitness 
  • Dominance
  • Nuclear


The compliance shit test is a way for a woman to see if you obey her commands or desires. 

She is seeing whether or not you are willing to agree with her just because you are wanting to get in her pants.

The most common one seen is her asking you to hold her purse, drink, or trash. 

Other variations will be her asking you to do something for her like “Go buy me a drink” 

Or “Buy me food”

Inexperienced men will do these tasks in the hopes that she will realize that he’s a “Nice Guy” and then she will go out with him….

Sorry, that’s not how it works.


The congruency test is a way to see if you are quick to change your value or mindset.

Examples of these are “I thought you hated this”, “But you said this”, “You are boring me” etc.

Another common one is asking just to be friends. You want to avoid falling into this category, let her know you have enough friends.

Oftentimes men who are seeking validation will change their opinion on the fly to match the girl, thinking it will “win” her over.

Have your own opinions and values. 

Stay open-minded, but don’t change them just because you think it will get her to like you.


The fitness test is banter to see your reaction. It’s a provocative statement to see how you react.

Some examples are “You’re not my type”, “Your short”, & “I’m not sleeping with you”

Inexperienced men will oftentimes try to salvage their “Ego” they try and seek approval.

These will indicate how comfortable you are in your own skin.


The dominance test is a way to see who is in charge of the relationship.  

This might be her showing up late to date or rescheduling it. 

Changing up your schedule to best suit her. 

Even talking over the man, due to his low stature.

Unassertive men will oftentimes roll over when this happens, not knowing how to handle these types of behavior.


This is an extreme case. She does something off the rail to get attention out of jealousy or anger.

Talking to or about an ex, ignoring you, or flirting with other guys in front of you are common examples of this.

Many men will get flustered and go silent, and call it a night.

These are less likely to happen, but they can still happen.

So why do women shit test?

She’s determining your value in the social totem pole. She’s judging to see if your actions align what you’re saying.

Women need to reassure themselves in order to determine whether or not to sleep with you.

A shit test is a great way to weed out low-value men from high-value men.

how to pass a shit test?

You have 3 main strategies for passing a shit test.

  • Misinterpret what she says
  • Agree and exaggerate it 
  • Ignore it 

Each has their strengths and weaknesses but learning which situations to use each in comes with repetition and practise..


“I’m sorry what did you say?”

Misinterpreting what she says, turn it to your favor. 

If she is complaining about something you are wearing, act as if she’s checking out your body. Make it seem as though you are flattered while you’re doing it.

Misinterpreting the comment or action. This is a great way to put the pressure back on her.

Make it seem as if she was sending you a compliment… 

This is also a great way to add sexual tension.

Agree & exaggerate

Take the negative statement that they are saying, agree with, and exaggerate to the logical conclusion.

A good case to use this would be if she says something about how many times you’ve used a pickup line, agrees, and says you’ve used it 100s of times.

Go into specifics with the statements, “Yeah, I do this one girl was 250lbs, had an eye patch

This shows her that you are not emotionally reactive. 

It also shows her absurd what they are saying is.

Take it to where you make it look as though what she said is so out of reality, it would be almost impossible. 

Ignore it

Not letting the statement phase you and your mental frame.

While ignoring can be effective when done properly, it is difficult and can only be done in certain situations

When not done properly or relied on way too much it comes off as you have nothing to say which will be viewed as lame.

What you should not do.

Don’t try and validate yourself. This is the go-to for most men.

“These are the reasons why you should be interested in me!”

Avoid stuttering, seeming lost, and confused.

This comes off as needy, as though you are trying to WIN.

Girls don’t want to think that they are being sold a lie or some false fantasy.

Don’t call it quits either.

Walking away from her can work IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. 

But when it comes to receiving a shit test, getting upset and walking away.

This shows as though you are backing down from a challenge and got your leaves rustled.

When should you shit test a Woman?

So now comes your opportunity.

Shit testing a woman is a great way to see the type of woman you are talking to.

A great way to have her be drawn to your frame, your reality.

You want to shit test women so you waste less time & so you get laid more often.

Depending on the situation and how well two are hitting it off. You can start shit testing from the start. 

Feel out the situation, but the sooner the better. Don’t make it too obvious unless that’s your style. 

No matter what end of a shit test you are on. You should know that the ball is in your court whether you are giving or receiving the shit test.

why to shit test a women

Whether it be via text, in-person, sexually, or non-sexually, shit testing a woman is a game-changer when you start realizing and capitalizing on them.

Women want to have that sense of chase. If it’s too easy then it’s not enjoyable.

Women want to have a positive experience when dating. 

Dating involves varying degrees of pushing and pulling throughout the interaction

If they feel as though they are the ones constantly being chased after, they are likely to lose interest.

Women should have a sense of pressure every once in a while. 

Give her the feeling that she earned this positive experience because she “Won”

waste less time

Giving women shit tests works the same for men.

Giving women shit test gives you an idea of her personality, to let you know whether you will enjoy your time together.

Nobody wants to waste their time. 

Having values and her not meeting those values you’ve already gained an understanding of her in a short amount of time.

Letting you know whether or not you should continue giving her the opportunity of interacting with you.

get laid more often

When filtering out women with a Shit test, use this to discover the type of women you resonate with/vibe well with.

Instead of talking to girls that end up not fitting your criteria.

Understanding the type of women you interact with, gives you a sense of home-field advantage.

You gain insight on her, and can determine if she’s similar to other girls.

Final Thoughts on Shit Tests.

No matter what point in your life, you are going to undoubtedly receive some form of shit test.

Doesn’t matter if by Women, Men, Friends, even Co-Workers.

Understanding these and mastering shit tests will make you thick skinned.

It will get you more dates, and sexual experiences.

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