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why don’t girls like me

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There could be many reasons why girls don’t like you. In this guide we are going after the top 6 reasons why they don’t. If one of these could be the case, change up how you live your life.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Are you overweight or too skinny? It’s not attractive.

You need to change up your diet and workout regime.

You can’t be going out and eating mcdonalds daily.

Hit the gym, eat some veggies and start living life healthy.

This alone is going to get girls to like you.

What you wear

Do you still dress like your in high school or have no sense of style?

Ye, that’s a major turnoff.

Look at how models or celebrities dress and copy a style.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on clothes, just find something similar.

Boring Lifestyle

Do you have nothing going for you in life? How is that going to impress a girl?

Get some hobbies, a job you are interested in and transform your life.

Stop being bored with nothing to do.

not showing Intent

If you don’t show intent to a girl when you first meet her, you might end up in the friend zone.

You need to decide early on if shes going to be a friend or someone you sleep with


You need to be confident in your life. Whether that is showing emotion or just coming off as someone with a lot of value.


You can’t have a negative attitude.

Don’t be the person that complains about everything.

Why would a girl want to date or hang out with someone like that.

Final Thoughts

Subtle improvements are the best way to change your life.

Don’t go out there tomorrow and try to fix everything.

Work on making a 1% improvement each day.

It adds up in the end.

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