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No Likes on Tinder

No Likes on Tinder

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you have no likes on Tinder, chances are you are doing something wrong.

In this guide I’m going to break down some of the most common reasons why you have no likes on Tinder.

By the end of this article, you should be able to make a few changes so that you can get likes.

How Common is it

Many guys struggle with Tinder for a variety of reasons. 

Having no likes on Tinder though is rare.

Most guys will get a few likes here or there

Even with a bad profile

You don’t swipe enough

So the first reason why you aren’t getting likes is you rarely swipe.

Tinder isn’t going to show inactive profiles to its members.

Especially if you have an average to below average profile.

Instead, it’s going to give leverage to active profiles.

And profiles that garner a ton of right swipes.

You need to login to Tinder a few times a day and swipe.

Don’t spend hours swiping.

A few minutes here or there when you have free time.

You don’t like a lot of profiles

Tinder claims that not swiping right regularly will leave your profile penalized.

If you aren’t getting a ton of likes, you shouldn’t be super picky with who you like.

Your standards are way too high. 

And it’s one of the reasons why you aren’t having success.


This is the easiest issue  to fix on this list.

If you have a small radius (anything under 30 miles) and a small age range(Less than +-5 years), you are leaving out a lot of users. 

Fixing these alone will allow new accounts to see your profile and get you some new likes.

Bad Profile

Whether it’s your pictures or bio, a bad profile is going to get you left swipes.

If you want to have a profile that is right swipe worthy.

Download this Tinder Profile Hack.

Once you fix your profile, you’ll be able to double your matches in no time. 


Lets face it, If you don’t have solid pictures on your  profile, chances are, you are getting no matches. 

I recommend that you have 5-6 pictures on your profile. 

1 should be a sport/hobby.

1 group picture.

1 full body shot. 

Having this alone will increase your likes.

Some  other causes for bad pictures are blurry and grainy photos. 

If the picture has questionable quality, throw it away and either take or find a new one.

If you need any help with your pictures, join the Pickup Pros Facebook group.

Share your pictures, and members will leave feedback. 


You may have a blank, boring, or over the top bio. 

All will cause girls to swipe left.

The best bio is a few short statements that show your interesting

Followed with a call to action for a date.

Check out this article on how to write a tinder bio.

It will take you through the fundamentals so you have a top 1% bio.

Tinder Glitch

Tinder isn’t perfect.

And sometimes the app glitches or goes down.

So check back in a few hours.

It might have been an error on Tinder’s side

And you’ve been fretting 

More guys than girls on Tinder

80% of Tinders users are guys

You are competing with more people than a girl is.

It’s more difficult to use Tinder to land dates then it is going out or within a friend group.

Use a Boost

Boosts get your profile shown to more users.

If you have an average profile or even below average profile, you should be able to get a ton of likes.

If not, Tinder is glitched or your profile has some serious problems.

Reset your account

Sometimes the best option is to reset your Tinder account.

When making a new profile, your elo score will reset

And you will get a noob boost.

Download other Dating Apps

Give Bumble & Hinge a shot.

They both don’t have the user amounts tinder has.

But both apps are free.

And they have more profiles which you can like and swipe on.

Heads up though, Hinge is more built for relationships.

Bumble is for both hookups and relationships.


Once  you make these changes, you should be getting some likes to your profile. 

Remember, Tinder is a numbers game. The more likes you get, the more  matches. The more matches, the more dates.

If you need any help sending out that first message to a match.

Grab my Tinder Openers.

They are free for the Pickup Pros audience.

And they will help you with landing a date.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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