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Tinder Plus vs Gold

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Looking to upgrade your Tinder profile?

Unsure if you should buy Gold or Plus?

No worries

In this article, I’m going through both paid options.

Detailing you the benefits of signing up for Gold or Plus


Tinder Gold & Tinder Plus are both paid services users can upgrade to. They both allow a user to have the following features 

  • Rewind 
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month 
  • Passport 
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Likes


It’s very rare to use this feature.

But if used, it might be able to land you a new match or date.

Have you ever swiped so fast, that you accidentally swiped left.

Well if you did, no worries.

Rewind allows you to go back to the previous profile.

Now you can either swipe right or superlike her.

And if she likes you back

You’re one step closer to a date.

5 Superlikes a day

A superlike allows you to get towards the front of a girls swipe deck.

It also shows an animation that you superliked her.

Tinder claims that superlikes give you a better chance at matching.

So use them on girls you like the best on the app.

It’ll give you a competitive advantage

Regular Tinder users get 1 superlike a day.

As a paid user, you have 5.

1 boost a month

A boost allows you to show towards the top of the deck for all the profiles in the area.

This can lead you to a ton of matches.

Check out this guide on the best time to boost.

If you are already going to buy a boost, it’s worth upgrading to plus due to the price difference.

It’s only a few more dollars to get a much better experience.


If you are traveling, Tinder Passport is a great feature for you.

You can place yourself in a new city.

And start getting matches and landing dates before you even travel.

This alone is worth the price of plus or gold if you travel.

No ads

Tinder will send you ads when swiping.

They’ll show up in the swipe deck.

And to get rid of them you need to swipe left.

With a paid plan, no ads show up.

I don’t mind the ads.

I’m programmed to swipe left.

But for others, getting rid of ads is worth the upgrade itself.


Tinder will not limit your daily likes.

Instead of getting the annoying you ran out of likes notification…

You can now swipe as much as you want.

No Limit

This is a great feature if you are traveling and want a date in a new city or country

Or if you want to get a ton of matches.

Because the more you swipe, the more matches you are likely to get.

Tinder Gold’s 2 Unique Features

Gold allows for a user to have 2 unique features.


You can see the profiles of all the girls that like you.

If you get a lot of likes and or matches, this is great for you. 

You can check out profiles daily and decide who to swipe right on for an instant match.

If you don’t have a ton of matches….

Well this isn’t for you.

You need to check out this Free Profile Hack first.

That way you can upgrade your profile and get more matches.


Each day Tinder gives you 10 top picks based off of your swiping patterns and interest

You can right swipe on these profiles. 

If you want more top picks, Tinder also gives you the opportunity to buy them in packs of 10, 20 or 30.

Prices start at $3 for 10 new top picks and decrease as you get more. 

Be warned though, they expire at the end of the day, so you need to swipe on them right away.


Because of the 2 extra features, Tinder Gold is more expensive than plus

Tinder gold starts at $29.99 for one month and decreases if you buy a 6 or 12 month plan. For a 6 month, its $12.50 and a 12 month its $10.

Tinder Plus charges based on age. It’s $9.99 a month if you are under 30 & $19.99 a month if you are over 30.

If you want to upgrade from plus to gold, all you need to do is pay the difference between the plans. 

If you want to subscribe to one of the plans, open Tinder, go to your profile, and then select Tinder Plus or Gold.

Tinder Plus price differs depending on users age. Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month if you are younger than 30 years old. For users who are 30 years or older the price is $19.99 per month.

You can pay the difference if you already have plus

Final Thoughts

Upgrading to a paid plan isn’t going to fix a lack of matches.

And it’s not guaranteed to land you more dates.

You need to have a mixture of a great profile & messaging basics down. (Check out these tinder openers that lead to dates)

If you want more features and don’t have a ton of matches, go with Plus.

If you have a ton of matches and want to go with an easier way to use Tinder, buy Gold.

If you have any questions, join the Facebook group.

I’ll help you there. 


Game Changing Tinder Opener

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