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Having Trouble With Your Pick Up Lines?

drop the best pick up lines you cant come up with

Second Date Tips

Congrats, you landed the coveted second date. The girl likes you and agreed to go out with you again.  There is even more at stake …

What is a shit test

A shit test is a way a girl determines your value. It’s a statement where a girl judges a guy on his response. While a …

how to build sexual tension

A lack of sexual tension leads you to getting friend zoned or ghosted after the first or second date. And building it is key if …

Why Can’t I Get Laid

No one gets laid without trying. If you dislike leaving the house, meeting new people, changing up your lifestyle, or afraid of asking girls out, …

giving a girl your number

In this article, we will be going over giving a girl your number. Should you do it or is better to get hers? When does …

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