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Having Trouble With Your Pick Up Lines?

drop the best pick up lines you cant come up with

Bumble Match Queue

Bumble Match Queue

With the parabolic rise in popularity of online dating. Today more and more people are embracing the shift with open arms. Today I’m going to …

The best places to meet women

Most often times in our articles, we are addressing the modern nature of dating via apps such as Tinder, Bumble, etc. But what if you …

Tinder Pictures

Pictures are the main reason why a girl will swipe right or left on your profile. You can have the looks of a model, but …

dating multiple women

We’ve gotten so many questions about this topic, it seems like we may be overdue in addressing it. In this world where options and opportunities …

When to Text After the First Date

Well how did it go? You combed the online dating world, straining your thumb, swiping left…left…right, like a game of Duck Duck Goose in elementary …

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