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girlfriend ignoring me

Why She’s Ignoring You The following are some  of the main reasons why she’s ignoring you Turned Off Some of your recent actions might have turned her off. When you first get into a relationship she might ignore some of

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signs a woman wants to sleep with you

In this article, we will be going over some of the best signs a woman wants to sleep with you. Many men often miss the subtle hints that a girl wants to bang. This is either due to lack of

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PDA relationship

What does pda stand for in relationships PDA stands for public display of affection. It’s when you show your girl some form of affection in a public setting. Whether that’s hugging, kissing or holding hands outside a private setting. public

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how often should you text a girl

how often should you text a girl to keep her interested In this article we are going over how often should you text a girl. Many guys struggle with texting her too much or too little. Hopefully this will clear

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exclusive relationship

Exclusive relationship definition An exclusive relationship is when both partners agree to exclusively date eachother. No go on dates with anyone else and no swiping on dating apps. Why it’s important to bring up As a relationship progresses, exclusivity needs

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sexual market value

What is SMV SMV also known as Sexual Market Value is how much you are worth on the dating market. The higher your SMV score is, the more attractive the girl you will be able to land. Why you want

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No Fap Article

What’s the point of NoFap? Everyone has a different reason to not fap. Maybe you are in a low point in your life or you have ED. With no fap, there are mental, physical, and lifestyle benefits. In this guide,

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Second Date Tips

Congrats, you landed the coveted second date. The girl likes you and agreed to go out with you again.  There is even more at stake with this date. The first date you learned a bit about eachother. And there may

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What is a shit test

A shit test is a way a girl determines your value. It’s a statement where a girl judges a guy on his response. While a lot of guys look at shit tests and are annoyed by them, you need to

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how to build sexual tension

A lack of sexual tension leads you to getting friend zoned or ghosted after the first or second date. And building it is key if you want to get laid.  In almost every interaction with the girl, there needs to

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