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how to last longer in bed

Multiple studies have shown that the median time guys last in bed is around 5 minutes. Half of those under 5 minutes last under 2 minutes. Most woman want and expect sex to last between 10 and 25 minutes.  To

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where do girls liked to be touched

Knowing where to touch girls is important when intimate. It’s an easy way to escalate. In this guide we are going to go over some of the favorite spots besides the obvious vagina & breasts. Chest A recent study showed

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how to dominate a woman

Studies show that almost 2/3rds of women have fantasies about being dominated in bed. Truth be told, women want to be with the strong man who has leadership. Women want to be led when it comes to love & relationships.

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Spanking During Sex

Why Women Love Being Spanked Spanking during sex is one of the easiest ways to start getting rough in bed. It’s a form of role-play where no one gets hurt. Both parties are getting mutual pleasure. You spank while your

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hair pulling sex

Why Girls Like their hair being pulled Most girls love their hair pulled during sex (While not all women are into it, it has nothing to do with race, age, or size). Not only does it intensify her orgasms, it

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Nipple Play

One of the best ways to have better sex is to start experimenting with nipply play. Adding nipple play into your repertoire will help your girl have more intense orgasms. Nipples are erogenous zones The nipples have more than 800

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Choking During Sex

Why Choking During Sex Lots of girls are into choking during sex. It adds an extra element of danger and excitement that isn’t there when it’s vanilla.  There are 3 primary reasons why to choke during Sex. They are the

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how to finger a girl

In this blog post, we are going over how to finger a girl. Fingering a girl is essential if you want to pleasure her in bed. It’s one of the ways to make a women have intense orgasms during sex.

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How To Netflix & Chill

What does netflix and chill mean Netflix & Chill is a codename to watch a movie and hook up. It’s pretty much a booty call. The movie is an excuse to hang out and have casual sex. It can be

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