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The biggest reason why many guys can’t get laid is approach anxiety. When this obstacle is gone, getting girls becomes much easier.

Every beginner is afraid of one of two outcomes. Failure or letting a girl know his feelings.

It’s a low value trait that will continue to hinder your game.

You can learn all the theory in the world, but if you have approach anxiety, it won’t matter.

In this article, I go over why its bullshit and what you can do to overcome it.

how to get over approach anxiety

If you hold these mindsets when you go out and meet women, it will help you get over approach anxiety.

you miss every shot you don’t take

If you don’t talk to her, it’s an automatic no.

There is a chance she says yes. But since you didn’t go and talk to her, you rejected yourself.

The unknown outcome

Talking to that girl you think is cute, you’ll find a lot more about her. Her traits might make her more attractive to you. The opposite can be said if she has some negative qualities.

You just don’t know until you talk to her.

Rejection doesn’t matter

At the end of the day, if she says no, you go on to the next girl.

No one has a 100% close rate.

Pickup is a numbers game. Once you know that you have to talk to x amount of girls to get a conversion, you can work on your rate and game.

Girls Want To Meet You

Girls want to meet interesting guys. They don’t want to go to bars and just hang with their friend group. Go out and talk to a few. It might make their night.

Girls Aren’t Perfect

Everyone has their flaws, girls as well. Don’t go out thinking she’s perfect without even meeting her.

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