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Knowing how to open a conversation is the first step in achieving success during daygame. In this article we are going to list some of the best indirect and direct openers. Use these in combination with some of your game, and you’ll be collecting numbers in no time.

Indirect Openers

An indirect opener is when you talk to a girl about something externally rather than something about her specifically. As a beginner, you want to avoid using indirect openers as you will often miss setting premise and intent. 

That being said, as you get better at game, you want to start using indirect openers more often. Until you are constantly getting girls we advise you stick to direct openers.

Ask for directions  

Find out where a starbucks is, a place on campus or a nearby store.

Ask what time it is

Say your phone is dead and you don’t know what time it is.

You look bored

This works great if a girl is sitting by herself on a phone.

Introduce yourself

Self  explanatory, but “Hi Im x”

Direct Openers

A direct opener is when you specifically comment on a girl. Telling her she’s attractive is an example of one. As a beginner, this is where you want to start. It defines some sort of intent, but you will still need to set the premise. 

As you get  better with game, you want to  start moving away from direct openers and start working on indirect openers. But when you are starting out, this is exactly where to be. Don’t overcomplicate it.

I think you’re cute

Easy way to show your interest and get a conversation going.

Compliment her style

Find something you like about her style. Clothes, hair etc.

You seem interesting

Depends on the situation, but just flow into the conversation.

Final thoughts

Now that you know some of the different openers, go out there and get some numbers. Go on some dates and have some fun.

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