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Exclusive relationship definition

An exclusive relationship is when both partners agree to exclusively date eachother. No go on dates with anyone else and no swiping on dating apps.

Why it’s important to bring up

As a relationship progresses, exclusivity needs to be addressed. It’s one of the stages of a relationship. 

How do you know you are ready

You Vibe Well

You should enjoy hanging out together. Have similar goals and beliefs and just enjoy each other’s company.

You are good in bed together

The Sex should be great. It’s an important part of the relationship. 

You both only want to see each other

If you both aren’t on the same page and only dating each other, there is no reason to be exclusive.

Relationship is healthy

There shouldn’t be threats, arguing, insecurity or other BS going on. If there is, it might be best to end the relationship rather than make it exclusive.

What does it mean to be exclusive in a relationship


You both acknowledge that you want to be exclusive.


You are committed to being exclusive. No going on dates with the cute girl hitting on you.

Respect Boundaries

During the talk, you set what you think is exclusive. You might have to delete tinder or agree to not use the app while dating.

When to become exclusive in a relationship

Every relationship is different. Some can start being exclusive early on while others can take a month or two. Go at your own pace that you are comfortable with.

When to have the exclusive relationship talk

We recommend that you don’t go out on the first or second date already asking to be exclusive. Give it some time. 

Exclusive dating vs relationship

Exclusive dating/relationship is the step before you go into a relationship. So before you can call your girl your girlfriend, you need to hit the exclusive step.

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