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In this article, we will be going over giving a girl your number. Should you do it or is better to get hers?

When does a girl text you back after giving her your number

Use the 48 hour rule. If she doesn’t text or call you after 48 hours, she’s lost interest in you.

Giving a girl your number and she doesn’t call back

She’s lost interest. Go out and get some more numbers. Pickup and dating is a numbers game. Don’t develop oneitis. You’ll probably forget about her in the long run anyways.

which is better giving a girl your number or asking her for her number

It depends a lot on the situation, but it’s far better to go out and get her number. Here’s why. Things can change quickly for the girl. At that moment she might like you. But later on she might meet someone else, forget about you, or have different feelings. It can change at any moment.

So you need to take the initiative and get her number.

Now if she’s chasing you and asking you for your number, give it to her. But make sure you still grab hers. You still need a way to contact her if she forgets.

Don’t lose your potential opportunities.

Giving a Girl Your Number over Tinder or Other Dating Apps

The best way to give your number to a girl over Tinder or another dating app is when you are setting up a date. 

Set up the date and then ask for her number. Get her off the platform.

Giving a Girl Your Number over Instagram or Social Media

With social media, you don’t want to just send a girl your number. Build up the conversation and like tinder, eventually drop your number. 

Final thoughts

If you have to give a girl your number, it can come across as bold, but it’s way better to go out there and get her number. Yes, it can make you look invested or slightly needy, but it works better for your favor.

Now go out there and grab some numbers and land some dates.

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