how often should you text a girl


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how often should you text a girl to keep her interested

In this article we are going over how often should you text a girl. Many guys struggle with texting her too much or too little. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion.

Before The First Date

The goal of texting a girl before the first date is to establish a date and time to meet up. Use these following rules

Text within a few hours of getting her number

You need to show interest right away. Don’t text her a few days or weeks later. She won’t think you were interested in her.

A day before the scheduled date

This is to make sure she shows up to the date & that she remembers. Chances are that she has multiple dates each week so it’s difficult for her to remember her schedule.

Don’t Text Her Daily

At this point in the interaction, you shouldn’t be texting her daily. One wrong text and she might ghost you. 

After The First Date

The goal of texting after the first date is to set up the 2nd. This is the beginning interaction, you shouldn’t be talking a lot.

A few hours or the next day

If the date went well, tell her you had fun and that you want to see her again. 

Only Set Up Dates

After that figure out the best day for your schedules and set up the next date.

Girl You Are Dating

Once you are dating a girl, you should find out how much communication she expects from you.

Ask Her the question on a date

The best way to do that is to bring up the question on a date. From there you should know what she expects.

Texting Recommendations

Always Answer

When she texts you, always answer. It shows your dedication and that you aren’t ghosting her.

Do Not Write Novels

Texting is an easy way to communicate. Keep messages short and precise, no need to send a novel.

Check Spelling

Incorrect spelling can be a turn off. Double check what you are going to send before sending the messages.

Don’t Use Hashtags

Keep the hashtags for instagram & twitter. It’s not appropriate for texting.

Don’t Write In All Caps

All caps show that you are either mad or ignorant about texting rules.

Don’t Spam if she doesn’t respond

She has a life too. Don’t expect an immediate response.

Text at reasonable times

Don’t text way late at night. She might think its a booty call

Don’t ever just text ‘Hey/Hi/Hello’

Just like you shouldn’t send a text like this for a first message on Tinder, you shouldn’t start texting like this.

Don’t overthink response time 

You don’t have to wait x minutes or hours to respond. If you are busy, don’t respond. If you have time, respond. Waiting to text is stupid.

Use emoticons wisely 

Don’t send  a bunch of emojis texting. A few here or there work perfectly.

48 hours

Unless agreed upon, always try and keep communication every 48 hours. Without it she might think you are ghosting or losing interest.

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