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How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

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In this guide, I will be going over 69 proven ways on how to tell if a woman is attracted to you. Some of these signs are quite obvious while others are subtle. 

Either way, you will be learning what signals to be looking out for in your next interactions.

Physical Signs a Woman Is Interested In You

She keeps looking at you

If she’s attracted to you, she will keep looking over at you. This is one of the most obvious signs on the list. If she’s shy, she will look away, otherwise, she might keep eye contact or smile.

Subconscious Physical Signs

  • Licking Her Lips
  • Touching Her Hair
  • Exposes Her Neck
  • Tilts her head towards you
  • Caressing an object
  • Feet Pointing Towards You

Body Pointing Towards You

Pupils Dilate

Putting on Lip Gloss

Open Body Language

Copying Your Gestures and Movements

She’s imitating what you do

Adjust Her Clothes

She’s trying to appear more attractive.

Lightly touching you

Whether it’s your arm, shoulder, or leg, she is trying to signal her interest to you.

Always goes for hugs

Everytime you see a girl, if she gives you hugs, she likes you. 

Prolonged Eye Contact

She’s staring at you and signaling that she likes you.

Looking away when you look at her

She might be shy, but this is an easy way to spot if she likes you.

Short Glances At You

Quick glances checking you out.

Stands Tall, Pulls Shoulder Back, Sucks Her Stomach In

Trying to make herself appear skinnier and taller.

Reacts To Physical Touches

If you touch her look for her reaction and see if its normal.

Blushes When Around You

Girls tend to blush when they are around guys they like

Nervous or Shy

Some girls are shy. If that’s the case they’ll either be nervous or shy when you talk to them.

Change In Personality

Her public personality might change when talking to her.

Flustered when you do something out of the ordinary

Even if its something minor, she is confused or angry.

Touches The Edges of a glass

Good to look for in a setting where drinks are served(bars especially)

In Conversation

Asking if you are single

This is an easy way for her to find out if you are taken. If not, she’s showing that she’s interested in you.

Tells you she’s single

She’s going out of her way to hint to you that she’s available.

Effortless Conversation

Conversations between you two are effortless and always tend to go smoothly

Laughing a lot in conversation

Even if the conversation isn’t funny or you tell bad jokes, she’s going to make an effort at laughing at what you say.

Asks Personal Questions

She might ask you questions about personal into.

Gives up Personal info

She might tell you some personal info that she doesn’t share with others.

Reveals Quirky Side

She will show her quirky side that isn’t seen in public

Says yes to hangout

If you invite her to hang out, she will say yes without any hesitation

Invites you to events or hangout

She will invite you to go to events or hangout with her

Drops Hints that she is free

She might say something along the line of “I’m free this weekend”

Nods in conversations

She will nod in agreement with what you are saying.

Gives you compliments

Can be anything from a watch, clothes, hair, etc.

Remembers what you say

She’ll remember all the minor details of a conversation

Says your name a lot

She will say your name a lot in conversation.

Brings up sexual topics

Should be pretty easy to spot her flirting

Group Settings

In a group setting she makes the first approach

Are you in a club or group with a large amount of members. If she comes up to you and introduces herself, she’s probably attracted to you/

Turning In Her Seat Towards You

If you are in a group setting where people are sitting down(Like a classroom), she might move her seat in your direction.

Her friends make an effort to leave you two alone

If you are hanging out with a group and her friends try to leave her to keep you two alone, she’s probably told her friends about you. She wants some personal time to get to know you or have you make a move.

When she does or says something, she looks at you to see what your reaction is

She’s trying to gauge what you like or don’t like.

She gets flustered when you say hello as she is talking to another guy

She might get embarrassed that you caught her talking to another guy rather than you.

She Makes Excuses to Talk to You

She is going to make up some excuse to have a conversation with you.

Gives you more attention

Does she interact with you more than anyone else in the group or club?

Friends give you clues she likes you

She might have told her friends about you. She will get her friends to drop subtle hints for you to either talk to her or ask her out.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Online

Immediately adds you on Social Media

After talking to her for the first time, does she add you on social media?

Liking, & Commenting

She will like and comment on your pictures on instagram, facebook, snapchat, or twitter.


Posts on Social Media that she is with you

DMs or messages

Is she sending you memes, images, snaps, or messages?

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text

Text almost daily

If you text daily, she’s interested in you. She wouldn’t be wasting time with a guy she doesn’t like.

Initiates the textings

Is she the one starting conversations? 

Drunk Calling or Texting

Drunk thoughts are sober thoughts

Texts you life updates

She’s initiating a conversation by giving you updates

Texts you photos

She might be trying to show off her body or some other personal traits.

Always Replies within a reasonable time

Is she always responding within a few hours? Most people don’t get that treatment, even family.

Other Signs

Teases you

She might tease you about something

Wants you to meet her friends

She wants to see if you also vibe with her closer friends in a social setting

Pretend to be distressed to see your response

She wants to test and see how you respond

Hang out one on one

She will keep pushing this so you are alone with her.

Develops interests in your interests

This is a way for her to try and get some of the same interests as you

Asks you to teach her

She might ask you to teach her a hobby or sport

Asks you to walk her home or to her car

Easy way to spend more time with you, and she might invite you inside her house

Follows through on suggestions

She wants to have things in common or feel like there is value in the relationship

Looks for common ground

Easy way to attempt to try and win you over

She randomly runs into you

You might run into her when you are out in public on more than one occurrence. 

Her friends have heard about you

If she likes you, her friends know. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you learned quite a bit from this article. These are the signals that you need to pay attention to next time your out with girls. 

Make sure to use them to your advantage to land some dates and hookup.

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