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nofap benefits

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What’s the point of NoFap?

Everyone has a different reason to not fap. Maybe you are in a low point in your life or you have ED. With no fap, there are mental, physical, and lifestyle benefits.

In this guide, we will be going over everything that nofap users have experienced. This information has been found through both my personal experience and by users on Reddit & YouTube.

Mental Benefits

Appreciation for Beauty

Your sense of attractiveness will reset. When watching porn, it becomes twisted while you expect perfect parts on every girl. Now you will look at girls differently.

Sharper Mind

Since you aren’t giving into the urge, your mind will start to improve its strength. You’ll start noticing small details. 

No Dopamine Addiction

You get the dopamine of fapping to the hottest girls every day. It becomes an addiction for you. It’s no different than alcohol or drug users.

Less Depression

It’s been shown that porn users tend to be depressed. Once you stop the habit you will start to rewire your mind. 

Vivid Dreams

You will get better dreams. More details, you might remember parts of them now.

Physical Benefits

Increase In Testosterone

1 week after no fap, testosterone levels increase by almost 50%. If you compete in sporting events or lift weights, you will see an increase in performance.

More Competitive

With more testosterone, you are going

Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Many guys in their 20s are getting ED. This is due to the fapping & porn culture. When you remove yourself from it, many have found that ED has disappeared.

Better Skin

Your skin is going to glow like never before.

Better Sex

Since you aren’t fapping, you are going to have more energy and desires in bed. This is going to result in better Sex.

Deeper Voice

Many subjects of no fap have found their voice gets deeper over time.

Facial Hair

You will grow hair at a much faster rate than before. Much more hair.

Lifestyle Benefits

More Time

Think about how much time is spent searching for Porn videos & masturbating. That productive time could be used doing something else.

better work ethic

Since your mind is sharper and you  are now motivated, you will see a better work ethic as a result.

More Confidence

You become more confident as a person. Stand taller as you walk and feel like you have god like powers. 

Others can now look at your computer

A lot of your searches beforehand might have been NSFW. Now after you have fought the urge and deleted your browser history.

Women Know

It’s something about no fap that makes women notice. They can just tell if you fap or not. And often they will tell you that you are different. 

No More anxiety

As you stop watching porn, your anxiety will decrease.

More Emotions

Watching porn regularly can cause some to go emotionless. As your brain rewires, you  will start to feel emotions again.

can you masturbate once a week and still get nofap benefits

Yes  and No. You need to fight the urge, but masturbating less than normal, you will continue to see the benefits. It’s really difficult not to fap. Just control the urge as long as you can.

No Fap Tips

Block Adult Websites

There are many blockers and filters online. Find which one works best for you and start using it.

Have a Reason

You need to find a purpose that motivates you. If you half ass it or have no reason, you are going to fail. 

Find a FWB

Whether it’s a girlfriend or some girl you met on Tinder. It helps so much. Since you aren’t watching porn and pleasuring yourself, you need someone to help. 

Write down notes

Make a journal and start writing down what you notice day to day.

how long till you feel the benefits from nofap

You can start feeling the benefits within the first few days if you are addicted. If you are just a recreational user, it takes a week to 2 weeks.

nofap benefits timeline

Here is the timeline that guys see from not fapping.

nofap 7 days benefits

Clearer Mind

Attracted to more Girls

Exercising better

nofap day 14 benefits

More confidence

More Energy

nofap 30 days benefits

ED starts going away

90 day nofap challenge benefits

Pretty much everything in the article

Final thoughts

Stop fapping and watching porn. It’s bad for you and it’s ruining your mind, relationships, and pickup skills.

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