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Oneitis Meaning

Many guys new to game will end up catching oneitis. The lack of experience with many girls will cause them to be fixated on one girl who is on a pedestal. “The Perfect Girl” will have no flaws. She is a solid 9 or 10 and everything about her is amazing. All you ever do is think about this girl.

You become dependent on her for internal validation. You are more worried about falling for your idea of her rather than the girl herself.

This girl is perfect because of the lack of girls in your life. The human body has only one function. It’s to reproduce. When you don’t have a lot of girls in life, you start obsessing over one. When this happens, you become infatuated with the one who talks to you.

If she ends up cutting communication or ghosting you, oneitis occurs. You become broken and needy. You want her back even though she is done with you.

How it’s different from Love

You love someone when you know them for a while. When you date or know a girl less than 6 months, there is no way you can love her. It’s a false belief.

Reasons For Oneitis

  • Focusing on one girl
  • No Masculine Purpose
  • Having a bad mindset

Signs of Oneitis

  • Thinking about a girl you haven’t slept with
  • Trying to get the attention of a girl that ghosted you
  • Stalking the social media of a girl

Oneitis Cure

There are many ways in which you can get over oneitis. We will be going over XXXXXX in this blog post.

Get more Girls in your life

The long term route to get rid of oneitis forever is to get more girls in your life. This won’t be easy, but neither was learning game. 

Go out more

Get some sets in, socialize, and make yourself present. The more time spent outside your house, the more girls will know you. Get out there collect some numbers and start meeting more.

Use Tinder & Bumble

These apps are great for hooking up and meeting more girls. Optimize your profile for matches and start swiping. Go on some dates and start hooking up with girls from the app.

Block Her & Move on

Stop worrying about her. Block her number & social media accounts and move on with your life. She’s not interested, stop wasting your time.

Scarcity of girls

Girls aren’t scarce. Chances are there are more girls out there that are a better fit for you. Stop worrying about settling for a girl you barely know and meet others. There are over 3 billion girls out there…. Why focus on one. Have an abundance mindset.

A soulmate is a myth

Look, she might be cool and have a lot in common with you, but she’s not your soulmate. She’s ghosting you for a reason. Some girls might have some rare traits, but reiterating on the last point about scarcity, chances are there are others out there. 

Get Better at game

As you improve in game you’re going to stop focusing on single girls and work on improving your overall skill set. A girl will just be a statistic at one point in time.

Work on improving yourself first

Don’t go out of your way to change for a girl. Work on improving yourself first in life. Go to the gym, run, learn new skillsets. As you improve yourself, so will the quality of girls you meet. 

Hookup with some girls

Hooking up with around 10 girls will help you forget any girl that is stuck on your mind. 

Final Thoughts

We ALL have had oneitis in the past. Don’t get so down on yourself. Follow the tips we provided and go out there and have some fun with your life. Forget that girl.

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