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SMV also known as Sexual Market Value is how much you are worth on the dating market

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What is SMV

SMV also known as Sexual Market Value is how much you are worth on the dating market. The higher your SMV score is, the more attractive the girl you will be able to land.

Why you want to raise your SMV

losing your virginity

Are you still a Virgin? Unless you want to pay to lose your virginity, you need to raise your SMV.

getting sex more consistently

The higher your SMV, the more sex you will get. 

dating and hooking up with hotter women

Hotter girls want guys with a higher SMV. 

being able to recover from oneitis or a break up at a faster rate

Having more girls in your life, you aren’t going to care about having a girlfriend breaking up with you or having a girl not see you anymore.

having more women in your life in general

You’ll get a lot more options available. 

sexual market value formula

Looks + Game + Status = SMV

how to increase your sexual market value


Your looks are primarily based on your Face, height, Age, and muscle mass.


As you decrease body fat, your face is going to be more attractive. You can also start using a moisturizer and serum to increase attractiveness. If you have pimples or acne, use a cream or scrub to remove it. 


You can’t work on this aspect of your life. Either you are born tall or short. While it does affect your SMV, it’s not a deal breaker.


Building lean muscle will increase your SMV. Yes, it does take time, but it’s worth it from a time standpoint & benefits in your lifestyle from dating to health.


The peak age for SMV in males is 25-30. This is followed by 30-35. Girls like older established men over younger guys in their 20s.


Style is primarily made out of having a good haircut and clothes. Both are easily attainable.

Good Haircut

Find some celebrities girls go crazy over. Find a hairstyle you like and bring that picture to a barber. Within reason, try and emulate that hairstyle. 

Good clothes

You don’t need to go out there and purchase Gucci or other high end clothes. Find stuff that’s in style and cheap. Again like the haircut, try and emulate the style of a popular celebrity. 


Game is a mixture of confidence and communication. 


You need to be a confident person. If you don’t have confidence, girls are going to think you are weak. A lack of confidence is a major turn off for girls. 


This is a mixture of text, verbal, and physical communication. You should be able to 



The more money you have, the higher your SMV. It’s easier said than done, but your best bet is to start a business and work on it daily. Escape the 9 to 5. If not work up the corporate ladder.


Fame isn’t easy to come across, but if you do somehow get famous, you get a bump in SMV.

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