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sexual market value

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Why you want to raise your SMV

Losing your virginity

For many people, losing their virginity is a major their life.

Some see it as the ultimate act of vulnerability with someone you cherish and hope to share their life with.

While others it’s more about the physical enjoyment of sex in itself. 

Having a high social market value gets eyes on you. 

More attention from the opposite sex, more interactions. 

All of which leads to a higher chance of losing one’s virginity.

getting sex more consistently

When your SMV is high, you are likely to have more success with women.

Women know when a man is of high value, his actions match his level of value.

You won’t often see a high-value man doing things that could be considered low value. 

This is why women may be drawn to a certain man. 

Men that seem more assured with themselves and their surroundings.

dating and hooking up with hotter women

As with anything in life you attract what you put out in the world.

What do I mean?

If you are a high-value man, you have a modern sense of fashion, workout, and do activities that dictate you are a high caliber man.

You are going to be attracting high caliber women.

Though you graduated, life is oftentimes very similar to high school, high-value men are more likely to get higher valued women.

Getting to a higher caliber of yourself isn’t very difficult to achieve, it’s all about self-discipline.

is able to recover from oneitis or a break up at a faster rate

Men of high value end up in relationships. 

Some build families, some date for some time.

What makes a man’s Social market Value high is, even if he were to end his relationship with his woman.

He’s confident in himself that he is going to find another high-value woman.

It’s about having an abundance mentality.

A high-value man may feel a bit of sadness, but they don’t let it define them.

They know they are in control of their reaction to the event.

having more women in your life in general

Charisma, being a charismatic high-value man will always do wonders for a man. 

Women flock over themselves to be around a high-value charismatic guy.

These are the guys that are typically invited to nightclubs, house parties, lunches, etc…

Why? These men provide value through the experience they invoke in others. They bring a sense of fun to the environment.

sexual market value formula

You’re more than likely curious, what aspects in life add or deduct from a man’s social value.

Age – Depending on your age will often times give you a natural level of sexual appeal. 20 – 35/ 35 – 45/ 45+.

Body/Looks – Skinny, Athletic, Average, Fat/ Grooming/ Diet/

Ethnicity – In an ideal world this wouldn’t matter, but because of the world we live in. It does… This category is going to be more favored by white men. Followed by Blacks and Latinos, with Asian and Indian men less favored. This is one of the few factors that aren’t in your ability to control.

Style – How up to date is your style? Is it Modern, or dated? Does it lack of taste or out of style?

Income – Are you in a professional career? Currently, going to School?  

SocialGame – Do you lack self-confidence? Do you have a sense of humor? Would people consider you charismatic?

how to increase your sexual market value

Having a general idea of the formula gives you a roadmap as to what areas in your life you can set a system for improving. 


When looking to invest your sexual market value, striving to be the best version of yourself through various means will greatly add to your looks

Here are a few areas to target

Diet – This is at the root of so many issues physically and mentally, 

Diet alone helps solve so many issues. Drinking more water, eating a healthier quality diet. This shows results on so many areas, 

The largest organ on your body, the skin loves a healthy diet and the benefits typically show in 2-3 weeks. 

You’ll start to develop higher-quality energy by adopting a healthier diet.

Diet is typically the best and oftentimes the most neglected area. 

Grooming – Don’t fall into the trap of not taking care of your skin. Taking care of your skin will help get unwanted acne under control. Having healthy skin as a man is something everyone should research into.

You don’t have to get a manicure or a pedicure but keep those nails clean, and trimmed.

Dental – I shouldn’t have to say this, but in case I need to remind you, brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss a minimum of once a day. 

Work Out

This is typically going to be tied with your diet as far as making a noticeable shift on a man’s looks and mentality.

At home Training/Running – Due to COVID-19 Body Weight training is exploding with content creators, blogs, and podcasts. 

So there is no shortage of sources to find quality content. In case you are interested in some sources we’ve listed two quality sources to get info from.

Body weights best feature is you can do it anywhere, at your convenience. 

Depending on the regiment your set up will dictate the level of investment to make, i.e. parallettes, kettlebells, running shoes…

What we recommend would be investing in a set of gymnastic rings, search up a few tutorials on youtube and be consistent with it. 

Once a sense of normality has returned, many other options will become available.

Your local gym will be a solid choice. 

Depending on the gym, some may be priced anywhere from $15 to as high as $300’s. 

Most gyms will offer access to amenities such as a steam room, pool, sauna, classes…

Rising in popularity every year would be considered a martial art gym, developing some form of self-defense knowledge. 

Women want to feel secure, having the confidence to defend themselves if needed. 

Crossfit, and other specialized gyms such as Gymnastics, anyone looking for a more personalized experience.

Another avenue to see a rise in trend is rock climbing gyms.

If you are wanting a more personalized workout, sign up for our weekly newsletter where we give advice on various area’s to improve your self-confidence with dating.


This is where you’re going to have to take a look at yourself and be honest about your type of style. 

What style would you imagine yourself associating with? Gamer? Tech Geek? Jock? Musician?

Whatever interests you have, would you say your style lines up with it?

If so, find some recent important figures of that interest, and what would their style be?

When you find it, go through multiple figures and get a feel for their style and add your own flavor to it.

Ask our community for advice and recommendations.

Good Haircut 

Hire a professional hairstylist, ask her for her advice on how your hair best fits your facial structure.

If you are growing out your facial hair, get it cleaned every once in a while. Set up a daily routine with maintaining healthy facial hair.

Good clothes

When it comes to male fashion a large portion of guys tends to stay with what they’ve worn since high school.

I’m not saying throw away everything you have and start brand new, but updating your closet with form-fitting clothes can nail the first impression.

Start researching into communities, to start check out

If you’re on a budget

Your level of confidence when interacting with women. When in an intimate manner, will dictate whether you get a maybe, phone number, or a date.

Game is elevated through experience in social settings. 

There are some exercises you can do when you are at home alone, but where you will see the most progress is when you are out interacting with people.


Tied pretty heavily to your inner game, is your level of self-confidence. 

This can vary in settings, but ultimately your level of confidence when you are socializing will tell a lot to a woman about your SMV.


Your level of communication skills, are you at a loss for words when talking to a woman? Or do you have the gift of the gab? 

Being able to have an interesting conversation with a person can keep them intrigued if you are lacking in other areas. 

Having strong verbal skills can compensate in the looks department.


Your status as an individual and within certain settings contribute as well.

Are people always wanting to be around you?

When you go to a bar or club are you unsure what to do?

Having people say hi to you at a local venue tells a lot to a girl about your level of charisma.

This doesn’t only have to apply to public venues, as it can be in group activities.

Starting a club that you have knowledge on can put you in a position of status.


What is your financial status? Are you budgeted with a decent career? Entrepreneur? Or

are you living check to check? Do you eat out and buy stuff all the time but can’t manage your bills?

Being financially responsible is a major plus it allows you to have access to tools that help elevate your status. Car, Clothing, Quality food, the ability to travel. 

All of these add to your SMV, but don’t let money be the determining factor of your interactions. Let it just be the cherry on top.


if you are an influencer or passionate in a certain area this gives an indication of your status in that are.

If you have any sort of credibility that would elevate your social status, Youtube creator, musician, athlete. All of these contribute.

SMV Man Vs. Women

When it comes to dating whether online or in person, the sexual market values each gender factor. When it comes to women, what most men find attractive is gonna be pretty universal. 

Men are going to have to be more physically drawn to a woman with other factors averaging in.

With women, physical will matter, but their measure of interest scales to the other factors stated above.

A Woman Prime Decrease over Time

Research has shown that the peak of a woman’s sexual market value is in her early to mid-’20s.

Men are typically drawn to the youthful features, a certain hip to waist size ratio.

Men Rise over time

On the other hand, men don’t typically hit their prime until their later years.

Estimations show that men start to hit their stride in their late 20’s to peak around the mid-’30s


why is my sexual market value so low when I’m physically attractive

Women aren’t only drawn to good looks, communication skills, humor, personality are major contributors to having women become sexually attracted to you.

All the factors should be worked on, you can improve your social skills, while still setting time to work out. 

Don’t make the mistake of only working on physical without knowing how to emotionally and intellectually stimulate her.

when does a man’s sexual market value decrease

Men’s Sexual Market Value begins to decline after their late 30’s, this can vary from man to man.

If you are healthy with your diet, workout consistently, and continue to invest in yourself this will keep a man’s value lasting longer. This is also true for women.

what does smv mean

SMV is short for Sexual Market Value.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Sexual Market Value, understanding what it is composed of, and how to tackle these in order to increase your value as a man is crucial.

All of these factors once time is invested along with consistency can have massive impact on mans life even outside of dating. Improving these compound heavily with time.

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