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signs a woman wants to sleep with you

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In this article, we will be going over some of the best signs a woman wants to sleep with you. Many men often miss the subtle hints that a girl wants to bang. This is either due to lack of knowledge or lack of experience. After reading this you should have the knowledge to pick up on her subtle signs. 

As with anything though, the more you get out there and practice, the better you become at picking up the signs.

Touch you at intimate places

She might rub your leg or touch you in other places. This is the easiest sign that she wants to sleep with you. She couldn’t be more direct.

Stares at your lips

She’s staring at your lips wondering what they are going to do when you sleep together.

Licks Her Lips

She’s trying to make herself look better for you without realizing it. 

mention sex in conversation

She mentions sex a lot in conversation. Whether that’s talking about past sex or future sex with you.

Invite you to her house

If she invites you to her house, its pretty much a green light that she wants to sleep with you.

Ask where you live

Ask yourself, why does she wonder where you live? She’s hinting that she wants to go back to your place. Make an excuse to head there.

Wears provocative clothing

Does she wear sexy clothing on a date? She’s definitely getting your attention and leaving you a hint. 

Passionate goodnight kiss after a date

After one of the first few dates, if she’s giving you a passionate kiss, she wants more. Go back to one of your places. 

Whispers in your ear

She doesn’t have to whisper in your ear for a conversation. It’s just another way she’s showing interest.

Personal details about her life

Does she tell you about her bra, underwear, or other personal info she wouldn’t tell other people. Take the hint.

Compliment your physique

Girls love muscle. She’s going to compliment you if she likes what she sees. 

Casual Dinner Date at home

Think about why you are eating at home rather than at a restaurant. 

Sends you pictures
She might send you a picture of her in lingerie or very little clothes.

I’m bored or what are you up to

Have you gotten a text message from her

Asks about your plans

She’s going to ask about your plans for the night, morning, or the weekend. Pretty much hinting that she wants to hang out with you.

Borrows something from you “stole it”

She might steal an item you need as an excuse for you to come over to her place.

Split an uber to and from a party

If you are splitting an Uber, she might be expecting you to head back to her place after it.

responding positive to advances

If you go up the escalation ladder and she enjoys it, you’ll eventually have the green light when making out.

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