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signs she’s losing interest

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Are you wondering why she lost interest all of a sudden? In this guide we will be going over the reasons why she lost interest and the signs to look out for. At the end we will go over some of the different options you can take to regain her interest.

Why She Is Losing Interest

Relationships aren’t perfect. Whether you have just met the girl or you’ve been dating a while, there will be a time when interest dwindles. Here are some of the most common reasons why that happens.

The Fun is gone, everything is routine

When you first meet the girl, everything is interesting. You are a new person and you might give  her new experiences that she isn’t used to. But as the relationship progresses, if everything’s the same, it gets boring.

Showing too much interest

If you constantly text her day and night, it eventually turns a girl off. You need her to be more invested in you

Conversation is Dull

You have no flow and the conversation is boring

She met another guy

It sucks, but it happens. Move on.

Girl you just met

Doesn’t initiate texting, and keeps things short

You shouldn’t be the only one who starts conversations. She needs to text you first. On the other hand during conversations, if she only sends short messages, she’s not really invested into you.

Won’t commit to meeting up

You should be able to schedule a date pretty easily. If she avoids the question & or doesn’t respond within a relatively short amount of time, she’s not interested.

Not giving you eye contact or positive body language on a date

You need to look for certain signs when you are out on a date. If she isn’t giving you certain signs then you know something is up.

Long Time To Respond

It shouldn’t take her more than 24 hours to respond. At most it should be about 12 hours unless something is up.

A girl that you have been dating

Not Getting Jealous

If other girls are checking you out or you hang out with other girls, she should be getting jealous.

Doesn’t tell you about her day

She should be telling you about her day either on dates, phone calls, or through text messages.

Not bothered you are busy

She should be bothered if you have a busy schedule because she should be wanting to hang out with you.

Stops being affectionate

Obviously, if you are dating, there should be some intimacy in the relationship.

You don’t annoy her

The small things should annoy her. 

Doesn’t laugh at your jokes

Girls laugh at anything if they are attracted to you. It’s one of the most obvious signs of interest

doesn’t apologize for mistakes

If she makes a mistake, she should be apologizing to you. 

She says she’s fine

Just like the meme with the dog in the fire, everything is fine.

More shit tests

She will give you shit tests like when you are first hitting on them.

Mentions other guys hitting on her

This is a hint that there are other options for her out there

What you can do to get her interested again

Change things up

Don’t follow a routine. Constantly change things up and make the relationship interesting for both of you.

Spend less time with her

This is a pull tactic that will get her more attracted to you. Focus on yourself instead of her for a bit, don’t text her for a few days. She will be back.

Go after other girls

If you are in a relationship, don’t cheat, but if you aren’t going after a few other girls. It doesn’t matter. Have an abundance mindset and don’t get oneitis.

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