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A shit test is a way a girl determines your value. It’s a statement where a girl judges a guy on his response.

While a lot of guys look at shit tests and are annoyed by them, you need to look at it through a different perspective.

Look at it as a compliment and an opportunity. If you pass the shit test, she’s going to be more attracted to you. 

Common Shit Tests

“You probably say that to all girls”

“Whats your body count”

“I have a boyfriend”

“You are a player”

“I’m not sleeping with you”

why do women shit test

Women need to determine if you are valuable. A shit test is a great way to weed out the weak ones. It lets her know if you get it or not. Don’t worry though, once going through this article, you will be able to pass them.

the difference between a shit test and flat out disrespect

A shit test is an opportunity where as flat out disrespect is an insult or rejection. “You are fat and ugly” is disrespectful and not a shit test.

types of shit tests

There are 5 main categories of shit tests. Compliance, Congruency, Fitness, Dominance, and Nuclear.


The compliance shit test is a way for a women to see if you obey her commands or desires. 

The most common one seen is her asking you to hold her purse. 

Don’t hold her purse, let her hold it. 

Another common one is asking just to be friends. You want to avoid this objection, you have enough friends.


The congruency test is a way to see if you change your value or mindset.

Some examples are her saying something alongs of “I thought you hated this”, “But you said this”, “You are boring me” etc.


The fitness test is banter to see your reaction. It’s a provacative statement to see how you react.

Some examples are “Youre not my type”, “Your short”, & “I’m not sleeping with you”


The dominance test  is a way to see who is in charge of the relationship.  This might be her showing up late to a date or rescheduling it. Organizing  your room, or changing up your schedule. 

Don’t  let her be in charge  of the relationship.


This is  an extreme case. She does something off the rail to get attention out of jealousy or anger.

Talking to an ex, ignoring  you, or flirting withother guys in front of you are common examples of this.

how to pass a shit test 

You have 3 main strategies to passing a shit test.

You  can either misinterpret what she says

Or you can agree and exaggerate it.

Or Ignore it

Both have their time and place. Just go with whatever is best in the scenario.


Misinterpret what she  says and turn it into something in your favor. If she is complaining about something you  are wearing, act as if she’s checking out your body. 

Agree and exaggerate

A good case to use this would be iIf she says something about how many times youve used a pickup line, agree and say you’ve used it 100s of times.

Ignore it

 Pretend you didn’t hear the statement. Keep going in the conversation  or jump to another topic.

When to Shit Test a Woman

You want to shit test women so you waste less time & so you get laid more often.

You should start after the 3rd date or after you hook up with  her. Just feel out the situation.

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