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Why Can’t I Get Laid

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No one gets laid without trying. If you dislike leaving the house, meeting new people, changing up your lifestyle, or afraid of asking girls out, you are going to stay a virgin or get laid maybe once a year.

That’s no fun. 

In this guide we will be going over some of the top reasons why you can’t get laid and what you can do to change your trajectory.

Anyone can do this. It takes willpower and effort. But it’s worth it. 

The myth about looking good.

I’m not going to say looks don’t matter, but they only go so far. You need to have a combination or looks, personality, and the ability to meet girls.

I know this first hand, as I was a Virgin throughout college. Girls, family, and friends always wondered why I had no girlfriend or not much of a dating life. 

I was 6’2, fit, and had a good face. But I had no personality and barely went out. When I did go out, girls approached me, but I didn’t  escalate anything because of my lack of experience.

Anyways, here are  the main reasons why you can’t  get laid.

Outcome Dependent

When you talk to girls in bars or through dating apps, you come off as someone who only wants sex. That’s not going to work.

Girls can sense what your intentions are. You need to start living by the moment and enjoy the interaction as it comes. 

Not Enough Approaches

You need to be meeting new girls weekly. If you aren’t getting matches on dating apps or meeting new girls through social circles, you need to start approaching.

Go to the mall, university, bar, club, or a busy road. There are bound to be attractive girls there. Go out and talk to them. Land a few numbers and work your way to dates.

Not leaving the house

Live life. Don’t sit behind a computer or on a couch all day. Go out with your friends or by yourself and experience life for what it is. 

Not only does your mindset change as you go out more, you’ll start meeting new girls.

Attracted to only 10s

You need to broaden who you are attracted to.Being attracted to only 10s is a terrible mindset. You can’t be to critical with who you date or hookup with. If she’s cute great. Don’t say, she’s a 7 and ignore her. 

Lack of Style

Find a popular  style and emulate it. Copy everything. Hair, clothes, accessories. Over time you can tweak it to make it your own. But chances are you currently have no sense of style, and girls realize this.

I used to wear prog metal band  t shirts with cargo shorts (I still do to concerts), but when going out, this isn’t going  to fly.

Not Escalating

So you really need to learn how to escalate. Whether it’s on a date or a girl you just met at a bar. 

I learned the hard way as I found it easy to talk to girls, but could never escalate a conversation.

I would dance with a girl all night or go on great dates, but nothing else would happen.

Fapping Daily

You probably don’t want to hear this, but fapping is bad for you. You become addicted to porn and you lose your drive. It rewires your mind to thinking you’re ok by yourself.

Quit porn and fapping. It’s an addiction no different than drugs or alcohol. It will honestly change your life.

Not in shape

Being fat or scrawny is not an excuse. Anyone can change their physique. I went from 260 lbs to 170 with muscle in a few years. Look up diets, exercise routines, and start a form of cardio. Not only is this going to help you land more girls, you will also be extending your life by years.

It will also help shape a new mindset to life and can lead you to meeting some awesome people across the way.

Lack of confidence

A lack ofconfidence will stick out like a sore thumb. It’s  one of the ways a girl determines if a guyis attractive. If you don’t have confidence, you need to change your lifestyle and add a new hobby or sport into your life.

Small progress in the hobby or sport makes you a more confident person. 

Bad at Texting

You can get all the matches in the world with Tinder & Bumble. Numbers from bars & approaching in the day. But if you don’t know how to text, you will not land any dates.

I’ve had tinder for 2 years and had so many matches. But I never got phone numbers or dates until I learned how to text.

Neglecting Hygiene

This shouldn’t be here, but  it still needs to be said. Wash your hair,  your body, and your face. 

Brush  your teeth & floss.

Use deodorant and a fragrance.

Simple right? You would be surprised.

Final thoughts

Look, this isn’t going to  change overnight. Anyone that tells you it will is lying to you.

You need to make small  changes to your lifestyle. Improve 1% a day.

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