Choking During Sex


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Why Choking During Sex

Lots of girls are into choking during sex. It adds an extra element of danger and excitement that isn’t there when it’s vanilla. 

There are 3 primary reasons why to choke during Sex. They are the following.


When you choke your girl, there will be a lack of oxygen flowing to her brain. This will cause her to feel dizzy.

Once you stop choking, oxygen flows back into the brain and she will experience the pleasure.


Choking your girl makes you feel dominant and gives you power.


The pain gives a lot of pleasure to the girl. 

How To Choke During Sex

Don’t Squeeze The Windpipe

Choke from the side of her neck and upwards, not directly in front where the windpipe is.

Be firm, not forceful

Use a light grip rather than a heavy grip. Using a heavy grip might lead to suffocation rather than enjoyment being choked.

Best Positions for Choking During Sex

The 3 positions are often the best for choking.

  • Missionary
  • Cowgirl
  • Doggy

Can you choke safely during Sex

Yes, choking is perfectly safe if implemented correctly. On top of that, if it’s done right, you will not leave any bruises.

Responsible Choking

Responsible choking boils down to the following.


Know the different parts of the neck, where to choke and how to choke.


Get the Ok from your partner before choking


Have a fail safe word or some sort of motion to signal to stop

A clear mind

You can’t be angry as you might take it too far.

Side Effects of Choking

Common Side Effects

  • coughing
  • Disorientation
  • muscle weakness
  • Numbness
  • drowsiness
  • loss of coordination

Rare Side Effects

  • Brain damage
  • Damaged larynx
  • Aspiration
  • Heart attack
  • Orbital subperiosteal hematoma

Final Thoughts

Choking adds an extra level of excitement. Be careful when you choke your girl, know your boundaries and enjoy the feeling of dominance. 

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