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Why Girls Like their hair being pulled

Most girls love their hair pulled during sex (While not all women are into it, it has nothing to do with race, age, or size). Not only does it intensify her orgasms, it also establishes dominance in bed. From most studies it seems that this desire to be dominated is more physiological than psychological.

How To Properly Pull Her Hair

Follow the advice down below if you want to give her the most pleasure.

Pull from the roots close to the base of the neck

Grab her hair at the base of her neck. Don’t grab the bottom of her hair as it’s way more painful.

Give breaks

You shouldn’t be pulling her hair the entire time having Sex. As you change  up your sex positions, you need to give the hair pulling a break. Besides there  are other parts of her body that need attention. 

Play with her hair first and then slowly tighten his grip

Start slow with a loose grip.  Engage how she reacts to this. You can increase intensity as she  starts enjoying her hair being pulled. You’ll eventually find the sweet spot.

Be confident

Nothing is less attractive than not being confident,especially in bed. Grab her hair and pull it. Don’t hesitate.

Switch it up

You need to make Sex  exciting. If you follow the same routine day in and day out it gets boring. Pull her hair, but not every time.  If she begs you to do it, go ahead. But adding some variety helps. 

Pull Downwards

Don’t just let go of the hair in that scrunched position, instead slowly pull downwards, allowing the hair to slip out of your fingers bit by bit which provides some more sensation.

What not to do

Sudden Pulls

Don’t give your girl whiplash. Start slow, and gradually increase the intensity.If you suddenly go in and pull her hair, she’s going to be turned off & be in pain from the  movement. You might not be allowed to pull her hair again as she might not like it.

Grab hair at the ends

Grabbing  her hair at the end is painful. As stated above, pull from the roots near her neck  rather than at the end of her hair.

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