how to finger a girl


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In this blog post, we are going over how to finger a girl. Fingering a girl is essential if you want to pleasure her in bed. It’s one of the ways to make a women have intense orgasms during sex.

Foreplay is important

You need to get her excited before you go finger her. Make out a bit, touch her body, kiss her neck and other areas of the body. 

Don’t Jump straight to the main event

You need to “warm her up” before fingering her. That’s why foreplay is so important. 

Basic Anatomy to know

You have to learn all the parts of the vagina. Focus on the clitoris & the G-spot as these will give her the most pleasure.

Keep your fingernails neat and trim

Having untrimmed or dirty fingernails is going to hurt the women when you finger her. You need to trim your nails and wash them so that they are clean. 

Be a Tease

Always be thinking Two steps forward – one step back.

Different Techniques

Here are the best techniques to give her the best pleasure.

Make circles on her clitoris

Penetrate her with your middle finger

Find her G-spot with the index and middle finger

Different Women Like Different Things

There isn’t one definite way to finger a girl. Some like it gentle while others like it rough.

Pay Attention to Her Reactions

You should be able to tell if she likes what’s going on. Pay attention to her face, body, and any noises she’s giving off.

Prioritize Feedback

Ask her what she liked and what she didn’t like. It’s the only way to improve & satisfy her better.

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