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How To Netflix & Chill

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What does netflix and chill mean

Netflix & Chill is a codename to watch a movie and hook up. It’s pretty much a booty call. The movie is an excuse to hang out and have casual sex. It can be a budget date though and food with alcohol can be provided. 

How to suggest netflix and chill on first date 

Tinder & Bumble

Both Tinder & Bumble are centered towards hookups, so this is a great way to find a Netflix & Chill date. The best way to ask is to get her number or snap and move the messaging over there.

Over Text or Snap

Suggest watching a movie together at your place. If she says no, go out to eat or get some drinks first, and then head back (assuming the date goes well).

How To Set Up a Netflix and Chill Date

When setting up a Netflix & Chill date, comfort is the key. You need to make sure the girl is comfortable in your room. Follow this list to the tee.

What to Watch


You really can’t go wrong with this. The one thing to note is that horror should not be chosen. Are you really going to makeout with blood and gore on the TV?

The best movies to choose are comedy, classic movies, and run of the mill average movies. For your average movie, a score of 60ish on rotten tomatoes should do the trick.


They can be either interesting or boring. Either way you win.

Tv Shows

You can’t go wrong watching reruns of a TV show. Whether it’s The Office, Parks and Recreation, or How I Met Your Mother. You both have probably seen the episodes.

What To Wear

When you go on a Netflix and chill date, wear shorts, a comfortable shirt. Make sure that you are presentable and well groomed. Brush your teeth, wash your face, use chapstick, rinse with mouthwash, and put on cologne. 


Don’t leave your date hungry. Prepare some snacks.


Girls love wine. It loosens them up and tastes great. Having wine shows a small investment,  but makes a world of difference.


Candles help  mask the smell of your room and help make it romantic.

Clean Room & bathroom

Dust, sweep, and organize your room. Wipe off everything in the bathroom and make it near perfect. Nothing is more of a  turnoff than a dirty room or bathroom.

Knowing The Login Information

If you are sharing a Netflix account, make sure you have the correct login credentials. You don’t want your girl to wait while you mess around trying to figure out the login information.


If you’re going to hookup you need to bring these. You don’t want to  catch an STD and some girls won’t sleep with you if you don’t have one. 

how to make a move during netflix and chill

If a girl is coming over to your place or she invited you over to hers to “hang out”, you have the green light  to make some moves. Here is what you should be doing.

Initiate Physical Touching Right away

When you first meet up, you need to start the physical contact process. This means hugging her and a kiss on the cheek. 

When you end up  sitting on the bed or couch, sit close together and put your arm around her.  Pull her into your shoulder or chest. The objective is to get her into cuddle mode first.

If you somehow are on opposite ends of the couch or  bed, your first need to close the distance.

Don’t make a move too early

The best time to make a move is around the 20-30 minute mark during the movie. You don’t want to jump the gun and start too early.

Making a move

The goal with making a move is to gradually increase closeness to see how she responds. You should already be starting the session with your arm around her. From there you can now start rubbing her arm  with your fingers or hold her hand. See what she does from here. Control the tempo and the pace you are in charge.

If it’s a positive you can now move on to making eye contact. An easy way to do this is to use your fingers to swipe her hair away from the side of her face. Then tuck it behind her ear. 

 You should be looking deep into her soul with your eyes. She should look back at you. When she does, you can now move in for the kiss.

The first initial kiss shouldn’t be about a medium time. About 10 seconds is perfect. Play with her a little more than go for a second kiss. 

As you make out now your hands can wander throughout her body. Start touching her legs, back, and ribs. Continue to progress until your hands are underneath her clothes. Pay  close attention to her reactions.

Now you can start going for the boobs and butt.   Continue to escalate until you are taking each others clothes off. You now have the green light and your about to have sex.

After the clothes are removed, start using your fingers and oral. After that you can grab a condom.

Final Thoughts

You aren’t hanging out to watch a movie. You both know what Netflix and Chill entails. Enjoy the time and try and not make it  awkward. 

Make sure it’s enjoyable and a comfortable environment.

Good luck and have some fun.

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How To Netflix & Chill

Netflix & Chill is a codename to watch a movie and hook up. It’s pretty much a booty call. The movie is an excuse to hang out and have casual sex. It can be a budget date though and food with alcohol can be provided.

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