Nipple Play


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One of the best ways to have better sex is to start experimenting with nipply play. Adding nipple play into your repertoire will help your girl have more intense orgasms.

Nipples are erogenous zones

The nipples have more than 800 nerve endings. It’s one of the top erogenous zones in the body.

How is orgasm possible?

If done correctly, a girl with orgasm with nipple play. Girls can have multiple orgasms during sex. Assuming it’s done correctly and in the right settings an orgasm will happen.

How to get started

Set the mood

Set up some candles & get some wine. A large part of nipple play is going to be setting up the atmosphere.

Get into a comfy position 

Lay down & cuddle or get into one of the sex positions (listed later in the article)

Let your mind wander

Enjoy the moment and stop thinking about everything happening in your life.

Take your time

You shouldn’t rush this. Take your time, if you rush she might not get an orgasm.

Start with your fingers

Don’t go straight to using your mouth. Start slowly the fingers and escalate over time.

Let one hand wander

Your other hand should be exploring her body. 

How to pinch, stroke, twist, and more

Use a light touch to circle long strokes

Start with building up the sensation. Use your fingers and stroke around the nipples and breasts.Go for the rib cage, in between the breasts, the neck, arms etc.

trace the areola without touching the nipples

Now that the sensation is there, start tracing the areola (ring of skin around the nipple). Again go slow and build up the sensation.

move your fingers over the nipples

Another step in escalation, you can now move your fingers over the nipples.

Hot breath

Now that contact has been established, you can now start going for mouth moves. Start with a hot breath over the nipple.


Lick the nipple. Use different motions with your tongue. Circular works great.


As you lick the nipple you can now start sucking on it.


Be careful with this one as there is a lot of nerves. Start with a really small nibble and slowly increase.


Same with nibbling, start slow and progress.


Same with pinching and nibbling, start soft and increase over time to maximize pleasure.

Twist & Pull

This combines a few strategies. It can feel great but also might be painful if its too hard. 

Find out what your partner likes

Every girl is different. Some might like twisting and pulling their nipples. Others might hate it while only liking them being sucked on. Experiment but also ask and find out what she likes.

It’s the only way to improve the experience for both of you.

Best Positions for Nipple Play

The following are the best sex positions to enjoy nipple play.

  • Face-Off
  • Doggy Style
  • Pretzel Dip
  • G-Whiz
  • Cowgirl
  • The Caboose
  • Scoop Me Up
  • The Chairman
  • Spork
  • Table Top

Final Thoughts

Adding nipple play to your sex routine is going to give your girl a much better experience in bed. The only way to get better is to experiment and see what works best.

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