Spanking During Sex


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Why Women Love Being Spanked

Spanking during sex is one of the easiest ways to start getting rough in bed. It’s a form of role-play where no one gets hurt. Both parties are getting mutual pleasure. You spank while your girl enjoys the feeling of being spanked. 70% of women are turned on by spanking and 25% have fantasized about being spanked during sex. 

Sensation alone is amazing

Spanking the flesh of the butt can stimulate the nerve ending in her vagina. On top of that, most women find the experience of being slightly hurt pleasurable. 

Strong & Submissive

Women love being forcefully taken. Spanking allows for this desire during her sexual needs.  


With the explosion of popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, more and more women are interested in rougher kinkier sex. As a child spanking was a common punishment for doing something wrong. Now it’s a way to make Sex more enjoyable.

Tests boundaries

This isn’t pushing the boundaries too far, but it’s a way to get past the boring normal Sex that is still common. You are getting more physical and pushing the boundaries slightly. 

How To Spank

When you spank, you need to aim for the flesh not the bone. To do this aim for the lower part of the butt. There are more nerves there. Start slow & build up the intensity over time.

In between each spanking, you need to build anticipation & find a rhythm. Also alternate between spanking, squeezing, and rubbing. 

Tips for spanking during sex

Talk about it beforehand

Before trying new rougher moves in bed, talk to your girl. Get her approval before. It’s best to bring up the topic in a sexy casual context. Make sure to make your expectations clear. Also be prepared for her to not be into it (although the studies say otherwise)

Have a safe word

Before you go at it, make sure you have a safe word so that when it gets too intense you can slow it down. Again, aim for pleasure not too much pain.

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