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Accidentally Swiped Left on Tinder

Accidentally Swiped Left on Tinder

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You are in the middle of a swiping session. And you are currently in a rut. So many left swipes. And then you see this super hot blonde.

You accidentally swiped left on her.

Frustrated and not sure what to do?

I’ve been there.

In this guide, I’ll be giving you advice on what to do next.

That way, you won’t have to deal with this again.

Reaching out to her

The first way you can undo this mistake is to reach out to her.

If you have her social media information you can shoot your shot on there.

A word of advice, don’t mention you swiped left on her.

Shoot your shot like your messaging her the first time.

This works best if you have her Instagram or Snapchat.

Don’t go out of the way to find her email or Facebook.

A few years ago, a student at Missouri State accidentally swiped left on a Claudia.

And he emailed every Claudia at the university trying to find her.

While its was a feel good story that went viral on Twitter.

This is something you shouldn’t do.

It looks super needy and creepy.

What if a girl swiped left on you and started emailing everyone at your school.

Reset Your Profile

This is an extreme measure.

And I recommend against it.

If you reset your Tinder profile, you’ll be able to find her again.

It will take a lot of time swiping through a ton of girls to find her profile.

At this point though, it’s better to move on.

You are desperate for one girl (more on that later)


Rewind is your best bet for undoing your mistake. It is a paid feature, but if you feel like this is the girl or you have money to splurge, use a rewind.

Only Tinder Plus & Gold members can use this though.

Is it worth investing money into plus or gold to swipe right on one girl?


Instead, you should have the following mindset.


Look, chances are even if you swiped right, she wouldn’t have swiped right on you. (If you want a higher chance, download my Tinder profile hack for free. You’ll increase your matches in no time)

The odds are against you on Tinder.

In fact, 80% of guys have 0 success on Tinder.

You need to have an abundance mindset.

Like a ton of girls and be ok with the ones that match with you.

Even if she did match with you, the chances of going on a date or hooking up are even slimmer.

You’ll need to go and message her after matching.

Which she might not respond to. (Grab my Tinder openers here to get her to respond)

Then if the messaging goes well, you add each other on instagram snapchat.

Before more messaging and going on a date.

The process takes a lot of time and failing at any step will cause ghosting.

So don’t focus on one girl.

Final Thoughts

There are so many girls on Tinder. Don’t get caught up on one. You need to have an abundance mindset on Tinder and with dating in general.

You made a mistake and swiped left, not a big deal. Take the L and move on.

Focus on better swiping in the future. You’ll match with another girl and you’ll forget about that accidental left swipe.

You should join my Facebook Community. If you ever have any questions with online dating or pickup, someone will help you right away. 

See you in the next article.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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