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Apps Like Tinder

Apps Like Tinder

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Looking for apps similar in nature to Tinder? In this guide, I will go over 6 apps that work just like tinder. On all of these apps, you should be able to hookup or date to your desire.


Bumble is by far the closest app to Tinder. It’s a profile based app where users swipe left or right. Bumble has a reputation to be more for dating than hooking up, but that doesn’t stop you from hooking up.

The biggest gripe about Bumble is that girls have to message first when you match.

This is a problem for 2 reasons.

  1. They forget to message
  2. “Hey”

I’ve found that there is still a great selection of hot girls on the app and anything can happen. I would highly suggest that you download this alongside Tinder. You can pretty much keep your same profile and transfer it over to the app.

We wrote a guide on the main differences between the apps. You can read it here.


OkCupid is one of the oldest dating apps on the market. With this app, users can write much more about themselves than Tinder. There are lots of profile questions and preferences that a user can fill out when setting up the app.

From experience, I can say that unfortunately the hotter girls aren’t on the app. These are a lot of mehs along with whales.

OkCupid users can hookup & date, but I’ve seen a lot more profiles saying that they want to date rather than hookup.

Download it if you want to expand your potential matches, but get ready to be disappointed by the lack of quality


Hinge is an upcoming app that is geared towards dating rather than hookups.

While this can be good for those looking for relationships, it’s not ideal for those who just want to hookup.

There are some hot girls on the app, but many are just inactive profiles.

On top of that there really isn’t a large dating pool

One benefit of the app is they try their best to stop ghosting. They have built in notifications to remind matches to continue conversations.

Download this app if you strictly want to date. If you are looking to hookup, I would avoid it.


Just like Hinge, this app is geared towards dating rather than hookups. 

Its severely limits your potential matches by showing you one girl per day.

The quality really isn’t there either. You’ll get matches, but they aren’t that great.

Come in expecting 4-6 girls.

I wouldn’t recommend downloading the app unless you’re desperate.


This can potentially be a great app.

The biggest problem that I’ve encountered is SPAM

You’ll get a lot of spam messages & the only way to counter it is by purchasing a membership.

The quality is there, but you have to pay to really unlock its potential.

If you have money to spend and want to diversify your reach, download the app. 

Otherwise don’t waste your time.


This is a good app if you are active. Look, if you stay at home all day and are on your computer 24/7, this isn’t for you.

Happn shows you girls that you passed while outside.

You might see a girl and think, damn, how did I not approach her.

It’s a great addition to your arsenal.

I think everyone should download it as a safety net. You won’t be able to approach every girl so this is a good plan B.


All of these apps serve a purpose in the online dating market. They do not work for everyone, and that’s ok. Download what works for you and go out there and get some dates.

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