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Blank Tinder Profile

Blank Tinder Profile

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Did you match with that cute girl who has no bio? Wondering what you need to say to land a date

You aren’t alone. Many guys struggle with it.

In fact, there are always posts on Reddit or Quora complaining about it.

In this guide I’ll take  you step by step on how you should message a girl with no bio.

I’ll be going over a few different methods of opening and why they can work.

Why Her Profile is blank

There are a ton of reasons on why her profile can be blank.

So let’s go over them.

She’s a bot

Some bots have blank profiles.

Because the profile is blank, doesn’t mean she’s a bot.

You should read this article on fake tinder profiles.

That way you don’t get catfished or fall for a scam. 

She doesn’t need to put effort into her profile

If she’s even average, guys are going to swipe right on her.

It doesn’t matter if she has her profile filled out completely.

She doesn’t know what to say

Look at how many girls have generic profile bios.

Chances are, she doesn’t know what to say.

And, There’s no obligation to share any specific info.

Add in that she’s getting matches no matter what.

It doesn’t matter.

Use one of  My OPENERS

There are a lot of openers that get results

If you can’t think of something original use something that already works.

You can download my openers here

I tested them a lot on my matches. 

So they have a high response rate.


Like the generic openers, there are plenty of name puns available online. 

You can find them on any online dating blog or websites like reddit.

And while they don’t get the best response rate…

It’s still better than sending nothing or a generic Hi message.

Puns tend to work best with a new Tinder user as a ton of guys send them.

And being honest here, who wants to get the same message over and over again.

No one ever sends original ones.

So be careful sending one.


This is my favorite approach to messaging.

It works great.

So much in fact that I use this even with profiles that have bios and are completely filled out.

So, what’s this method?

Well. look at her profile pictures. 

Try and see what hobbies and interests she has

Make a comment how you both share something in common using the we mentality.

Everyone loves talking about their passions.

If nothing, you can always comment on a vacation photo.

Bring her back to the memories of visiting an exciting place.


Still can’t think of something? 

Send an original joke to her. 

If you can’t think of any, there are plenty online and on reddit that can get a response.

Be wary though of the jokes you see on Reddit.

While they can get a ton of karma, they don’t work that well.

She will ghost you

It’s better to send an original message or a proven opener.

Why You Shouldn’t have a blank Tinder Profile

As you can see, it can be difficult messaging someone who has a blank profile.

So don’t leave your profile blank.

You need to have information so that there are things to talk about in a conversation and date.

If you are unsure on what to have on your Tinder….

Download my Tinder Profile Guide.

When Implemented, it will boost your matches.

And the likelihood of going on a date with a cute girl.


Don’t overcomplicate messaging a girl without a bio. 

Stick to one of these tips and you should be fine.

If she doesn’t respond, don’t fret.

There are a ton of girls on Tinder. 

You need to have an abundance mindset.

Focus on landing a date with any girl instead of focusing on a specific one.

If you need help, join the private Facebook Group.

A member will assist you.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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