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Wondering what bumble coins are and how can you use them? In this guide I’ll be telling you how you can purchase them and use them


Bumble coins can be purchased directly on the app under the user page. There are many different packages that you can purchase ranging from 5 to 30 coins. The cost of 5 coins starts at $7.99


Superswipes allow you to stand out when swiping a profile. It lets the girl know that you’ve already shown interest before she swipes right or left.

To SuperSwipe, you have to tap the heart icon on a profile. The cost for each SuperSwipe is 1 Bumble Coin.


The spotlight feature puts your profile in the front of the deck for all local users. This will significantly boost your profile for 30 minutes and help you attain many more matches.

To use spotlight go to the user page and tap the icon on the bottom left. The cost of using a spotlight is 2 Bumble coins.

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