Bumble Conversation Disappeared

Bumble Conversation Disappeared

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Did your conversation disappear? In this guide I’m going to go over why that happened and what you can do about it.

Why your conversation disappeared

She unmatched you.

Look it happens. Is it your fault?

Possibly. But don’t take it personal. It’s a part of online dating.

It happens. Get some thick skin and get used to it. Take the L.

Move on and swipe on some other girls profiles. Get some new matches.

Why she might have unmatched you

Boring Conversation

Don’t waste her time. You are both on the app for a reason. Get to the point.

You said something she doesn’t like

It could be about anything, but if its a different opinion, you might get unmatched.

She made other plans

She might have found another guy more attractive or interesting and made plans with him.

She forgot about you

She could have ghosted you, but decided to unmatch instead.

Final thoughts

It’s online dating. Move on. Get another match and start messaging. Don’t get caught up on a single girl.

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Ryan N

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