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There are two ways for someone to disappear from your match queue on Bumble. A girl can either unmatch you or delete her profile. 

In this guide I’m going to give you all the info about what happened if a girl deleted her profile.

What Does Deleted User Mean on Bumble

She has deleted her bumble profile & uninstalled the app.

You can see this when a name changes to deleted user.

There is no way to message her again.

What does this do to the match

When she deletes her profile, you should still be able to see the conversation.

The only problem is there is no way to message her again from that profile.

She will have to create a new profile, and you need to match again to start a new conversation.

Final Thoughts

She didn’t find you interesting (or any other guys) and she deleted her profile. She quit Bumble and will probably be back within a few months.

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