Bumble Match Queue

Bumble Match Queue

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With the parabolic rise in popularity of online dating. Today more and more people are embracing the shift with open arms.

Today I’m going to be laying out the information you should know regarding Bumble’s match queue.

What it is, how it works, as well as some advice you can use right now to make your Bumble experience that much easier.


So you’ve set up your account. You’ll quickly realize you have 4 pages that you’ll mainly be interacting with. 

From left to right you have your Setting page, Your Bio, Swipe page, and your Matches Conversation page.

On your conversation page you have two main sections to interact with. 

The lower section is where your conversations with all your matches will show up on.

The upper section of the conversation page you have your match queue section.

The match queue will show anyone you have matched with in the past 24 hours.

bumble match queue explained

The match queue shows where all the girls who have swiped right on you show up,

By default the queue system displays the profiles as a pixelated circle with a number showing how many profiles have swiped on you. This number goes from 1 to 50+.

The match queue will show your matches from soonest to expire to newest match.

So you’ve matched with someone… now what?

Well fact is, the ball is in her court. Your match has 24 hours to come up with a message to send.

Say your match is getting a bit of cold feet. Every 24 hours you’re given a daily extend,

You get 1 Daily Extend if you haven’t purchased Bumble Boost

You get Unlimited if you have Bumble Boost

Does Bumble match queue expire?

Unless she unmatches you

The match queue only lasts for a minimum of 24 hours, its your choice whether to use one of you Daily Extends. (Use these whenever possible they reset daily)

bumble match queue not showing up

If you’ve been swiping for some time now.

Often times many think the app is bugged, since they’ve been swiping for a lengthy amount of time and aren’t getting any matches.

More often than not, a girl just hasn’t swiped right on you.

This is where we recommend trying some tests out on your profile.


So you’re getting some interest and girls are are swiping right on your profile. Want to know which girls are swiping right you?

Only paid Bumble Boost members can see the match queue. To become a bumble boost member, you have to sign up through the app. To do this click on the green circle in the match queue. Then sign up for the appropriate plan. 

Besides being able to see the match queue, paid members also have the benefit of having unlimited 24 hour extensions and rematching with expired connections.

If you aren’t a bumble Boost member you don’t have many options but you can get a hint of the latest peron to swipe right on you. 

Bumble will pixelate a profile and show it in the first slow of your match queue.

Paying close attention. The pixelated picture will give you an idea of who that person is, comparing it you can often times figure out who it is when you get to their profile.

Besides being able to see the match queue, paid members also have the benefit of having unlimited 24 hour extensions and rematching with expired connections.



Adjusting you filters can drive your numbers down

When you set an advanced date filter or change the distance in your match radius, the number of girls showing up in the match queue goes down if they don’t match your new criteria.


Congratulations! When you get a match, the match is moved from the queue and is put into a separate circle. This circle has a timer going around it waiting for the girl to message.


When you swipe left on a girl that swiped right on you, she is removed from the match queue.

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