Bumble Superswipe

Bumble Superswipe

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What is bumble Superswipe?

Released in 2017, Bumble makes it easier for users to stand out to other users of high interest. Similar to Tinder’s Super Like, Super Swipe allows for users with the use of Bumble coins to show other users to say HEY IM VERY INTERESTED IN YOU. When the user receiving the Super Swipe lands on your profile. They will be shown a badge icon saying “Superswiped You!”

How To Superswipe?

Using Superswipe is a very simple feature for any user. The first step is finding a profile you are extremely interested in connecting with. Once you find the user, on the bottom right of their profile, you will see a White/Yellow Heart icon. Tapping it that icon will open up a new tab allowing you to purchase Bumble Coins. Once you’ve made your purchase you are all set to start using Superswipe

What is the heart on Bumble for?

This is icon appears in every profile you come across. This is the icon allowing you the option to use the Superswipe feature on a user at any given time. 

Can you see who Superswiped you on Bumble?

Yes, if a user has Superswiped you. Then you will see an icon appear on the bottom left over the name of the user. Letting you know that they have used a Superswipe on you.

does bumble notify of Superswipe?

Aside from the user’s profile showing you a badge icon in the app itself. Bumble also sends you a notification while you are not using the app itself letting you know someone has used a Superswipe on you.

SuperSwipe outside distance

Bumble does notify you that someone has used a Superswipe on you, even if they are outside the distance you’ve set for your filters.

Can you undo a Superswipe on Bumble?

With the ability to backtrack on Bumble you do have the ability to undo any accidental swipes you may have done. Although keep in mind that Bumble does not offer refunds.

how many times can you Superswipe on bumble?

Bumble allows for users to Superswipe as much as their heart and wallet will allow. 

Right Swipe or Superswipe

Studies have shown that with popular girls receiving hundreds of Swipes on a given day, that Superswipes significantly help to get attention to the desired match. So ultimately “IT DEPENDS”. It’s gonna be based on many criteria that a user may have for the desired match. Right swipes alone may not always cut it.

bumble super swipe does it help or hurt?

Is the Bumble Superswipe Useful?

When you Superswipe on a user doesn’t matter what their location is they will be notified of your Superswipe. Upping your chances of matching with them compared to the regular Right swipe. So with this in mind, if you are really wanting to at least get noticed by a user then yes, Superswipes are very useful depending on the situation.

is it weird to super swipe on bumble?

In our opinion… No. With girls receiving hundreds if not thousands of swipes in a given week. Superswipes can sometimes be the differentiating factor to getting noticed. That’s the name of the at the end of the day is to get noticed by the one you are interested whether that is in online dating or in person.

Are girls likely to ignore super swipe?

Yes, if they are not interested its common for girls to pass your profile up. Girls will receive plentiful swipes on every day. This is also true for Superswipes, be prepared for a lack of a response if your profile pictures aren’t up to par, and your bio isn’t compelling enough to make her want to open communications with you.

is she more likely to swipe right?

As stated above its going to depend, but in our opinion. When a receives a Superswipe, she will at least take a bit more of a consideration than someone who just regularly swiped right on her. This will vary from user to user. But the odds are a bit more in your favor with a Superswipe.

Bumble Superswipe Cost

bumble coins super swipe

The Superswipe feature is dependant on the use of Bumble coins. So pricing will vary from $1.99 per coin to $1.25 per coin if you purchase in bulk. So it’s going to vary on how heavy you Bumble usage is, and whether you are wanting to buy for that one match or to have spare on hand just in case.

Free Superswipes

Unlike Tinder which gives users one free super like per day. Bumble doesn’t offer this and doesn’t appear to have any plans in the foreseeable future of offering any. 


If you are on the ropes on whether or not to use Bumble’s Superswipe. We think we’ve given some insight on some of the benefits to using Superswipe. 

Superswiping shouldn’t be a feature to rely on, but it can aid with getting those higher value girls if you have the profile to back it.

IF you have used Superswipe before let us know in the comment section if whether or not it has been helpful or not. Whether you have come up with some techniques as to using Superswiping to your advantage.

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