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In this guide I’ll be comparing Bumble & OkCupid. Bumble is relatively new app whereas OkCupid had been around before smartphones were popular. 

Ease of Use

Bumble is much easier to use. While both apps have built in swiping features, Bumble’s UI is much cleaner. It has 3 tabs, and everything is easy to navigate. OkCupid on the otherhand has multiple tabs and can be confusing for new users.


OkCupid has the more complete profile.

However, I don’t really like it’s layout.

There is too much going on for a swiping app.

Bumble has the right amount of info thats needed to either swipe right or left.

Attractiveness of Girls

Bumble easily wins this one. There are a solid amount of 8s and 9s on the app. OkCupid on the other hand….

I rarely see attractive girls.

Paid Features

Both apps employ paid features. With Bumble users can purchase boost or coins.

With OkCupid, users can purchase a-list.

In a sense, both allow you to see who likes you.

But Bumble’s also allow for super swipes and the ability to boost your profile.

This makes it slightly better than OkCupid’s.

Amount of Users

OkCupid is dying while Bumble is continuing to improve over time. Just look at the interest over time report from Google.

Bumble also has a lot younger of a demographic than OkCupid.

Final thoughts

If I had to choose one app, I would go with Bumble. 

OkCupid is dying and unless some major changes happen, I don’t see it sticking around for the foreseeable future.

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Ryan N

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