Fake Tinder Profile

Fake Tinder Profile

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Worried  about swiping right on a fake profile? In this guide I’ll be going in depth about to identify and avoid frauds.


Across my time on the  app, most fake profiles I’ve seen have less than 3 pictures. They are often of model caliber girls. Be  very wary of these accounts as they are rarely a real person.


Many girls do not fill out a  bio. However, if they have no bio, job, or college, chances are it’s probably a catfish or bot. The job and college should be filled out by most users on the app. Pair that with an empty bio, the profile is incomplete and most likely fake.


If the pictures are of really low quality, it’s most likely a spam account. Someone created a bot or fake profile by going through someone’s instagram and screenshotting or saving all of the pictures.


If you match with a girl and they send completely unrelated messages based on the conversation, chances are it’s a bot.


Tinder has done a better job lately at deleting bot accounts. While it still lacks the verification feature like Bumble, I see less and less bots every day. 

Following these steps will help limit the amount of bots you match with.

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