Fake Tinder Profile

Fake Tinder Profile

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does Tinder have fake profiles?

If you’ve ever used any sort of online dating site then you are no stranger to coming across some of the many fake profiles out there. Ranging from foreign models just wanting to “hook up”, cam girls just looking for partner to get on cam with.

With the ever increase in popularity of online dating come the people who set up bots, and fake profiles for a vast amount of reasons. Cat fishing, trying to catch a significant other cheating, even people seeing what the gender is like.

So if you’re worried  about swiping right on a fake profile, Ill we’ll be going in depth on how to identify and avoid frauds.

what percentage of Tinder profiles are fake

To date there are estimated 50 million people using Tinder World wide, with an estimated 8 million in the US.  These number are likely to continue to increase as time goes on and more people become open minded to the idea of online dating.

That being said its difficult to know exactly how many Tinder accounts are fake or real. Tinder does make best attempts to delete reported accounts so numbers can fluctuate. Its estimated around 40-70% of the profiles you come across may be fake. This will also depend on the area you are swiping in, more dense cities will lean towards the higher end.

How To spot A Fake Profile

On to the nitty gritty of what you came here for. We give you our tips on how to spot Fake profiles.

Not Verified

In a recent update Tinder has added the ability for users to now self-authenticate their profile with selfies that are not shared in their profile. Verified profiles will show a blue checkmark on their account so you know right away that it’s the real deal.

Little to no bio

Although not the most realiable way of verifying a real account. Simply taking a look at the accounts bio and seeing whether they have a bio will give you a bit of an idea. Although there are some people who create accounts and may not fill out their bio due to not knowing what to put.

Some bots may have a bio but their bio may say something along the lines of: “Looking for partner 123 to do kinky 456 but stuff 7890. Hope you get the message ;)”  ….. Here’s the thing if it looks too good to be true it most likely is, even more so with anything online.


Depending on what side of the fence you are on, bots are pretty straightforward when it comes to how they set up for messaging. If you are a guy the bots will typically message you first, often times giving you a phone number to text. Some may even start the message with “Hey cutie, Youre cute ;)”

If you message the bot the bot will use responses that are very generalized and don’t make a whole lot of sense to what ever statement was just sent. Again in the messaging aspect… If it’s too good to be true….

Reply super fast

This leads to our next hint. Say you do match with a bot and start messaging. Often times the bots will have responses queued up to be sent and there is no timer queue set, so responses will be almost immediate to when you send a message. Use your judgement on this one, and gauge the response time but if its less than 2 seconds for a response on almost all the messages you have sent red flag.

Want to talk on exterior site

Some fake profiles will often times try and lure you to another site to continue the conversation, check out their naughty video they made just for you…

For safety reasons keep your messaging primarily on Tinder, if your certain the user your chatting with is the real thing. Then look to transfer it to Social media, text, or even Email.

Spammy messages

If you have spent any time on the internet, spam messages are no strangers to you. You receive them in your email, messages on social media.Tinder is no exception to this. messages with suspicious looking links. These will often times be obvious but even some links wont be so obvious(www.facebooks.co/not-realink). Again this is going to be at the discretion of each user, swipe with caution.

Low Quality Photos

Many fake profiles will have photos that are highly pixelated, low resolution, or aren’t sized properly for Tinder. Most people are going to have somewhat average to above average photo quality with even a fair cheap smartphone.

They have 1 picture

Across ourtime on the app, most fake profiles I’ve seen have less than 3 pictures. They are often of model caliber girls. Be  very wary of these accounts as they are rarely a real person.

Often times fake profiles are going to typically have 1 photo used. Keep this in mind when you are swiping.


The classic, “If you want to see more send a tip to my venmo account”. It’s not difficult to find a model online that posts nudes and use her pics to bait unsuspecting guys into venmoing some cash with the hopes of possibly getting more out of it.

We shouldn’t have to say this but if someone online that you’ve never met is requesting money. Probably shouldn’t hand out “tips” and get your hopes up with the likelihood of it going south.

Instagram Followers

Very similar to the Venhoes, you will come across many accounts that will be advertising social media accounts to gain followers.

These are the lessser of two evils as they are not scamming money out of your wallet.


These are going to be the more difficult accounts to identify as fake accounts. often times these accounts are going to be ran by someone who is searching for someone who gullible to establish some sort of connect to eventually get some sort of monetary gain.

How To Report a Fake Profile

With all these tips the best advice is to report fake profiles and get them off Tinder. There are several ways to report a fake profile, such as emailing Tinder themselves.

The easiest way to report an account is through the app itself. To report someone, go to his/her profile > scroll down and tap Report. Select the reasoning, and then you are good.

Does Tinder use fake profiles

It’s speculated that Tinder creates fake profiles themselves. Theorized to inflate the number of accounts to swipe on. Again this is theory and there is no way to actually back up this claim.

With the increase in popularity of online dating this theory doesn’t seem to hold any weight to it as more people sign up to use Tinder everyday.

Why You Aren’t Getting Matches

If you aren’t getting any matches there can be a number of reasons as to why you aren’t receiving any matches. This can range from a number of reasons. If your account seems to have any similarity with what we’ve discussed above, then your account may be detering people from swiping like on your profile.

If you want to improve the number of matches you are receiving check out our archive of online dating advice. https://thepickuppros.com/blog/online-dating/

Why You Aren’t Getting Responses

If you are getting matches but no responses there can be several reasons as to why you aren’t receiving a response. The account you have messaged may have notifications turned off, some people actively swipe just to swipe with no intention of messaging, Often times it can be a bad opener which can be resolved with reading many of our articles on how to approach a match for a higher chance of getting a response.


Tinder has done a better job lately at deleting bot accounts. While it still lacks the verification feature like Bumble, I see less and less bots every day.

Following these steps will help limit the amount of bots you match with.

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