Ghosted After First Date

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“drop the best pick up lines you cant come up with”

I’ve had some great first dates from Bumble & Tinder. I thought for sure I landed the 2nd date.

On the dates the girls even agreed to go on another one….

The sad reality is, it never happened.

What could have possibly went wrong?

In this article I’m going to go over all the possibilities.

Reasons Why You Can Get Ghosted After a Great First Date

She Just Wanted Attention or Free Food

There are girls out there that will only go on first dates for free food. Since there are so many guys on tinder, they can pick and choose who takes them out. Pretty shallow if you ask me. It’s nothing more than a gold digger. 

She didn’t find you interesting

Even if you have everything going for you, she might not have found you interesting. Maybe you are not her type. Or maybe she had 2nd thoughts after the date. Whatever the case is, it’s not happening. 

There are other guys

She’s not exclusive with you. She might be farther along a relationship with another guy. If that progresses, you are out of the equation. Too bad you didn’t meet earlier.

You didn’t show enough interest

You need to be physical on the first date. Hug, kiss, touch her, and invite her back to your place. Not being physical will make her think you arent interested sexualy.

What to do after being ghosted

Continue to swipe

Get back out on the apps and continue to swipe. You aren’t going to get another date sitting around.

Let off some steam

Go run, go workout. Listen to heavy music.

Just do something that makes you forget that bitch.

Final thoughts on ghosting

Unfortunately with the realities of online dating today, ghosting can happen even after a great first date. Even if you are 100% sure you would get a 2nd date.

It sucks, but life is too short to be upset.

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