How do You Send a Message on Bumble

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Sending messages on Bumble is easy. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to message a girl on Bumble.

Match With A Girl

Before any messages can be sent, you have to match with a girl. We have plenty of articles on the site to assist you if you need help getting your matches up.

After you see that there is a match, her profile will be at the top of your matches on the messaging tab with a circle around her.

This circle represents a 24 hour timer, but more on that later.

Once you match with a girl, it’s her turn to message you.

Girls Message First

On Bumble, girls message first. 

When you get a match, the girl has 24 hours to message you. 

If she doesn’t, the match expires and there will be no messages sent back and forth.

If she does send a message, it’s now your turn to respond.

After the girl messages

You are now on the clock. 

You’ll see that she has moved from the top of your match queue to the messaging section.

You now have 24 hours to message the girl back or your match expires.

Make sure to get that message sent before she’s gone.

After the initial messages

You both can send messages back and forth freely now.

One tip of advice is to get her off asap.

She will get distracted with messages and matches.

Get her phone number or snap and talk to her there.

You will convert much better.

Final Thoughts

Messaging on Bumble is quite easy.

Swipe on and get some matches.

Land some dates and hookups.

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