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Getting laid on Tinder is a goal every guy should have. While the endless supply of women on the app might make you believe it’s easy, it’s more complicated than you would think.

In this guide, I’m going over the best techniques and strategies to get you laid.

Having a High Value Profile

If I were to suggest one main tactic for getting laid, its establishing a profile that makes you look valuable.

A girl doesn’t want to hookup with a loser. They want someone who’s a winner.

If your profile is incomplete, or comes off bad, that’s an instant left swipe.

Decent Text Game

Don’t send Hi as your first message.

Every uncreative guy sends that to her. You need to stand out.

Come up with an opener that works and fits in your style.

From there flow the conversation so you can get her number and or snap.

The Date or Hookup

Meet somewhere in public and get to know eachother.

From there see how the night goes.

If you think its going well, invite her back to your place for some fun.

Don’t assume she won’t sleep with you on the first date.

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