How To Get More Matches

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

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Having a good profile, swiping often, and setting the right age and distance filters are essential to getting more matches on Tinder. In this guide I’ll walk you step by step to optimizing these for more matches. After applying these changes, you can go from  getting 0-1 matches a day to 5-10 on any given day.


The easiest way to get more matches on Tinder is to have a more complete profile. This is done by filling out the following information.


A basic rule to thumb is to have at least 5-6 pictures on your profile. It’s recommended that there is 1 group picture, 1 sport/hobby, and 1 full body shot. Do not include any grainy or blurry photos as it 


List some of your hobbies and interests along with your height if you are over 6’0. If you are 5’10 or 5’11, you should be able to get away with putting 6’0 as your height.


Connect your instagram account to your profile


Connect your Spotify to your account and select a song to be your anthem.


Another way to improve your matches is to follow this guide to swiping


Every free account has 100 free right swipes to use each day. If you aren’t getting matches, you might as well swipe right on 100 profiles each day to improve your chances on getting matches.


You do not want to swipe right on every profile you see. Only swipe right on the girls that you find attractive. Swiping right on every profile will lower your ELO score.


If you are too selective with who you swipe on, you are not going to get matches. Swipe to your desire. If you think a girl is cute, swipe right, if not, swipe left. Do not only swipe right on the models. Majority of the time, they are not swiping right on you.


While filters can be great, if you are too selective, it can be harmful for your matches. You want to be liberal with your criteria.


This is really down to preference, but, you do not want to have a narrow age gap. This will limit the  amount of potential matches. We recommend you keep it around +- 5 years(depending on your age).


If you have a small distance, a lot of girls will not be able to see your profile. We recommend having it at least 35 miles. Its far enough to get more matches while still being close enough to meet up for dates.


At the end of the day, Tinder is a numbers game. You’ll get more matches by swiping on more profiles and expanding your filters. 


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