How To Use Bumble

How To Use Bumble

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Table of Contents

In this guide, I go over all the information you need to know about using Bumble.


Bumble is more geared towards relationships than hookups. With the app, girls are in control. They make the first move.

The thing is, they really don’t make the first move & hookups are common on the app.

While the marketing might mislead you, Bumble is essentially another Tinder. Just a “high value” version of Tinder.

It’s like Target Vs Walmart. Both are retail giants, but Target is perceived “higher value” when it offers the same product walmart does.


You should be able to set up your profile in less than 20 minutes.

What you need

  • 6 Pictures
  • Bio
  • Personal Info
  • Profile Prompts
  • Connect Spotify & Instagram

I have a guide here talking about Tinder Profile Tips.

Read that to get familiarized with what’s needed on a profile.

There is so much I can talk about, but this post is only about how to use Bumble. Not a guide on setting up a profile.

Anyways, when that’s done your one step away from swiping.


You need to set up filters.

First figure out what age group you want to match with.

This should be somewhat broad. Whatever your preference is though, set it.

For the distance, think about the logistics. How far will you and or the girl travel.

I usually set mine up to 45 miles. The best range from experience is 30-50 miles.

Having to narrow of a distance is going to stop you from getting a lot of matches, so make your minimum distance 30 miles.


Now for the fun part.

If you like a girl, swipe right. If you don’t, swipe left. It’s that simple.

You’ll see lots of attractive girls so be prepared.

If you and the girl both swipe right, you’ll match. The profile than gets sent to the Match Queue

Now I will caution you on swiping right on every profile. This hurts your Bumble attractiveness score.

The Bumble algorithm will think your a bot or spammy and will penalize your profile.


Here you’ll see the girls that you’ve matched with along with the number of likes you currently have. When a girl messages you, she will be moved from the match queue to the messaging section.



Girls message first on the app, but be prepared to lead  the conversation.

A lot of your messages are going to be “Hey” or “Hi”

Not particularly helpful if you ask me.


If the girl doesn’t message you within 24 hours, the match expires. If you do not message back the girl after the first message within 24 hours, the match expires.

Use the app daily to ensure matches dont expire.

Also as a heads up, you will have a lot of matches that expire.

Girls get busy, they forget about you, or they meet someone “more interesting”

Oh well, their loss.


When messaging you need to think about the intent behind your messages.

What do you want from the girl.

Are you going to hookup with her or do you want to date.

Each has its pros and cons, but think about that while a conversation is going on.


Bumble is free to use, but there are a few paid features that you can use.

Bumble has a built in currency, Bumble Coins. You will need to use these when activating a Superswipe or Spotlight


This is similar to Tinders Superlike. With this a girl gets a notification that you superliked them and your profile is put to the top of her deck.

This feature costs 1 bumble coin


With this feature, your profile will be put towards the top of the girls decks in your area. This will then lead to a surge of likes and or matches if your profile is properly optimized.

This feature costs 2 bumble coins


This is a monthly paid feature. It allows you to have unlimited extends, revert expired matches, and see who liked you on the app.

The price varies depending on the amount of months you purchase.


Don’t get caught up on a girl. Until you meet her, she’s just another avatar of a person you have never met. She might as well not exist.

You will be stood up. You will have flakes. You will be ghosted.

And at the end of the day its ok. It helps build your character.

Online dating can feel awful at times.

But the thing is, it’s a resource. Don’t become reliant on it.

It’s a tool to help you meet girls you might have never met outside the app.

And on top of it, this should be fun. No stress.


Check out our blog to see more resources on Bumble. We have lots of articles outlining how to build a profile, get matches and more.

Anyways, this was the basics on how to use Bumble.

Build your profile

Get Swiping

Start Messaging

And Go On Dates

Want to get more matches, dates and hookups?

Join 10,000+ other subscribers and start increasing your matches.

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