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is tinder gold worth it

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You are unsure on purchasing Tinder Gold.

Is it worth it? Should you buy a plan?

In this article, I’m going over everything you need to know.

What is Tinder Gold

Tinder gold is one of Tinder’s paid in app features.

It’s the premium paid plan.

An upgrade over Tinder plus.

It allows the users to have the following:

  • Unlimited Likes 
  • Rewind 
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month 
  • Passport 
  • No ads 
  • See Who Likes You
  • Top Picks

What is the cost of Tinder Gold

Tinder has different costs of gold depending on your age & location. 

The price for me to join gold is the following

  • $30 for one month
  • $19 per month, if you agree to a 6-month membership
  • $12.5 per month, if you agree to a 1-year membership

To find out the amount for you to join, hit the gold button

Tinder will then show you a list of prices.

Cost of Upgrading from Plus to Gold

If you are paying for Tinder Plus, all you need to do is pay the difference between the two different Services.

You will be then charged the full amount for Gold for the following months.


Tinder Plus is the budget friendly option for users who still want to upgrade.

While it unlocks more features and capabilities, it still lacks a lot of what Gold offers.

It’s missing both Top Picks & See Who Likes You.

If you want to learn more, check out my article on Plus Vs Gold

Can You Tell if Someone Has Tinder Gold?

Unless you hide your location or age, there is no way of telling if someone has Tinder Gold

Even if you do hide that information, most users won’t pick up that you are a paying member.

You can tell if someone has gold if they are more than 100 miles away. 

They are using the passport feature.

I don’t care if another user has gold. Good for her to spend money on Tinder.

If she’s attractive, I’m swiping right.

And if she is here on vacation, well, you have a better opportunity to hook up with her.

Benefits of Using Tinder Gold



You won’t have a swipe limit. 

Often free users run out of swipes and have to wait 12 hours again to use tinder. 

This isn’t the case if you have Gold.



With the passport function, you can set your location wherever you want. 

This is great if you are traveling to a new city. 

Set up some dates before you travel.

If you need any help with openers that can work around the world….

Download my free Openers

Whether you are in America, Europe, or even Australia

They will get the conversation started and land you dates



Tinder will optimize your profile by split testing the pictures on your profile.

It will show a different photo first for girls to collect data.

Then after it has the data, it will arrange the photos by best to worst.

While this can be beneficial, in the beginning, it’s going to cost you a ton of matches.

It’s best to share your profile with a dating community and get feedback from them.

That way you know what your best photos are and what you can do to improve your profile.


Each month you will have 1 free boost to use.

This will get your profile in front of everyone who is using Tinder at the time.

If you want the best time to boost.

Check out this Tinder Boost article. 

It goes over everything you need to know, including the optimal time to use one.



Superlikes can get you to the top of a girls profile.

You won’t be stuck in the middle or the bottom of her deck.

On top of that, Tinder claims that superlikes are more effective than a normal right swipe.

As a paid Tinder user, you get to use 5 each day.

Free users can only use one. 


If you left swiped on a girl you like, you are in luck.

With Gold, you have access to the rewind feature.

Rewind allows you to undo your last swipe.

Having this feature in your arsenal can allow you to swipe a lot faster.

If you make a mistake you can go back and correct it.



You can use this setting to only show your profile to people you liked or active members.

This extra security is a great feature if you are a public figure or if you want to protect your visibility.



You can hide your age and distance on your profile.

Like above, this can be good for privacy.

There is a caveat though.

Hiding your age and distance can make you look like a bot.

Some girls will swipe left on your profile.



Ads tend to show up in your swipe deck when you swipe on girls.

When you upgrade your Tinder plan, you will not see ads.

The ads aren’t intrusive so it doesn’t make a huge deal.

But for others, they might hate them. 

So it’s a great bonus to add in.




This is the best part of Gold

You can see all the profiles who liked you, and swipe right on them. 

This is great if you have over 99 likes in your stack.

Instead of swiping on a bunch of profiles, you can see who likes you and swipe there.

It’s a lot more efficient and allows you to get matches so much faster.

The more matched you get, the more dates and hookups you get.



This is another gold only feature.

You can swipe right on the top 10 picks of the day

A free user can only choose one. As a gold member, you can swipe right on all shown to you.

If you want tinder to show you more profiles, you can pay for more.

Prices start at $3 for 10 more picks.


So is it worth it to upgrade to gold?

If you travel or have a lot of likes, yes it’s worth it. 

If you are struggling to get likes, matches, or land dates, Tinder gold isn’t for you.

You are better off with Plus or keeping the free plan.

Now if you want to change the lack of likes, get my free profile hack.

Once implemented, you’re going to be ready to invest in Gold or Plus. 

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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