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So you want to know if it’s worth downloading Tinder? In this article, we are going to outline why you should download Tinder, but not become too reliant on the app.

Tinder is a great way to find dates and hookups with girls, but it’s a lazy cop-out.

Use it in moderation, and it’s a great tool. If your desired goal is to become better with interacting with women nothing beats the real thing. Become too reliant on Tinder, and it does more harm than good.



Tinder is free to download and pretty quick to set up. Anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone or computer can easily install the app at no cost.

All that is needed is either a Facebook account or an email to sign up. It’s pretty simple to get set up so you’ll be swiping in no time once you are all set.


Since you haven’t met your matches in person, all communication will be through text.

To some, this may be easier than actually talking to a girl in person, due to there being a lack of emotional investment to a screen.

Matching with more women and actively messaging them pays off heavily as it gives you a larger experience pool to go off of.

You see what works with one match and try it on other matches to see if it has a similar effect.

Meet new girls

Once you’ve messaged a few of your matches now you have increased the number in your social circle.

Allowing you to set up dates, hangouts, invite to parties, or grab a bite with.

Interacting with these new girls will propel your experience with being around girls sharpening your dating skills.

Massive amounts of people use it

With online dating picking up in popularity in recent years, and Tinder having 50 million worldwide users,  the mainstream has been picking up their phone and swiping on Tinder as well…

You have celebrities who have been verified by Tinder such as Hillary Duff, Ronda Rousey, Katy Perry, James Franco, even Zac Efron to name a few.

That’s just a few celebrities not including the number of famous content creators as well.

Easy to use

The beauty of using Tinder is the simplicity of it.

Tinder is so simple that anyone who has ever used a Touch screen device, or computer can figure out how to use it in seconds.

Tinder is very keen on keeping the experience of its app very user friendly.

no emotional attachment

If you are new to the dating world and want to get your toes a wet, Tinder is a great place to learn some of the basics.

Now while we do advocate using real in-person interactions to gain experience in dating.

Tinder can ease the nerves of some people by allowing little emotional investment to be made when using Tinder.

How so? Well if the interaction doesn’t work out with a match you can try a new method on a new match.

Keep in mind some methods may work on some and not others so its best to have a number of tests first before trying something new.



I see this too often with people who download these dating apps. Instead of going out and meeting girls in person, people tend to be too lazy and just swipe away. The majority of girls aren’t even on these apps.

Do you think that 8 or 9 needs to use an app when she’s hit up all the time? It’s a waste of her time.

Go meet her in person at a bar, club, or event. Actually go out there and talk to that cute girl.


Making an optimized Tinder profile takes a lot of time and effort. You are going to continue to want to optimize it as well over time.

Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to taking a great photo of themselves, its recommended to get a buddy or hire a professional photographer to take some profile pictures to get their profiles to stand out.

Time goes into creating a funny, intriguing bio that help capture attention.


Swiping takes a lot of the time. A recent survey by bustle shows that millennials tend to spend 90 minutes a day on online dating apps.

While endlessly swiping sounds exciting and all. I for one started investing that time into a bit more constructive.

Working out, writing, meditation… You’ve heard it from every self help guru out there, and well from personal experience, it WORKS..

Tend to the garden and let the butterflies come to you.

might see some friends

Some people get a sinking feeling when they come across someone they know while swiping on Tinder…

“O man, if I see them, they’ll most likely see me.”

At the end of the day who cares, swipe right on them, joke about it later. Who knows you two can start something new with one another.

youll be ghosted

It comes with the territory.

If you’ve been dating for some time now then you’re no stranger to meeting a flake.

Set up a date to go out for drinks only for day-of get ghosted no response to any of your messages day off.

There are a few things you can do to mitigate this from happening.

Paid Features

With every platform having some sort of feature behind a pay wall. Tinder is no stranger to this either.

Of course they are going to try and monetize as best as possible to ensure their app is consistently pushing the envelope in online dating.

Granted most of the paid features really only give a few things.

Improved visibility, seeing who has swiped like on you, unlimited swiping, as well as several more features.

If you are a fan of the freemium service model well expect that with Tinder.

can be difficult to get matches

IF YOU ARE NEW, well then you may not have a clue what may be best practise to only dating.

Bad quality pictures, or pictures that are not capturing your best parts can cripple your chances of getting matches.

A poor thought out Bio, will have your profile being swiped left on.

Final Thoughts

Tinder is a great tool to use as a supplement to day and night game.

Look you’ll no doubt meet some great girls through the app, but don’t allow it to become an excuse and not meet girls in person.

Remember if you’re messaging other people on the app she is messaging people on the app as well.

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Want to get more matches, dates and hookups?

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About Ryan N.

A former 260 lbs overweight nerd with gpa of 7.32, graduated high school as a valedictorian. He never made time for girls, school was his priority. While this is all great on paper, his morale was at an all time low. He wanted a change… “I wanted to land my first kiss, so I decided to change.” That’s when Ryan choose to spend hundreds of hours understanding the algorithm to the online dating world. Developing systems and profiles that made women naturally swipe like on his profile.

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First 20 people get a FREE Coaching call!( valued at $97)

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Want to get more matches, dates and hookups?

Join our FREE newsletter that shares secret tactics and behind the scene strategies.

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