Bumble No Matches

No Matches On Bumble

Having Trouble With Your Pick Up Lines?

“drop the best pick up lines you cant come up with”

Having No Matches sucks. In this article, we cover the reasons why you might have no matches on your account.


Do you have blurry photos? How about grainy or pixelated ones? Well this is going to cause a lot of left swipes.


Have less than 4 photos? You need to add more. Bumble allows you to add up to 6. I would reccomend having 6 on your profile.


You need to swipe daily to get matches. Anytime you are bored or have some spare time, swipe.


If you have an empty bio, fill it out. If you have a bad bio, you need to go and adjust it. We have numerous guides on the site talking about making a good appealing bio


Fill these out so a girl cn get to know you. They don’t take long and it shows personalization along with making the profile look more complete.


Truth is, the “Dad Bod” is not in. Girls lie when they say they like the dad bod. Get in shape, cut the fat and your matches will go up.


Do you wear clothes that don’t match? Old fashion trends or styles. Updating your style will help you get a lot more matches.


If your skin looks awful, its going to get left swipes. Learn about the basics and start fixing your skincare game.


Fix these elements, and you are bound to get more matches on Bumble.


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