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No Matches On Tinder

Tinder No Matches

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It happens, you swipe and swipe, you try out different photos in hopes that you will get more matches.

You get frustrated and you think to yourself “This app isn’t working”

You tell yourself, should’ve received something a match by now, and its been days.

You tell yourself that you’ve tried everything, but have you??

You try everything that comes to mind, but nothing is getting you any matches.

That’s why you’ve decided to take back control.

That brings you to this article.

If you are reading this article, chances are you have no matches or are hardly receiving any matches.

That sucks.

I remember when I was getting no matches on Tinder.

I felt horrible.

Friends would get matches and tell me how great the app was for dating and hookups.

In this article, I’ll showcase different issues that hindered my ability to get matches.

What other issues are common and how they affect you when it comes to receiving matches.

As well as explaining what solutions I did to fix many of my issues.

I will tell you how to fix many of the mishaps that may be causing you not to get matches.



The first set of problems you may come across and are very common.

With most of these being quick and simple fixes.

These are the type of issues that will take a few minutes to a few days to fix.

Solving these problems will help move your profile in the right direction.

Knowing which of these problems your profile suffers from can help get matches in a short time.



Right away the first department most men fail at is in the pictures they use.

They fail to take into consideration, is the type and the quality of their pictures.

Most having blurry, pictures that are low resolution.

Other men have pictures that are not flattering in any way.

Unless you’re trying to get swipes from bots.

Fixing your pictures will have the most immediate impact on your match count.

Now we aren’t going to go full in-depth on how to solve this issue.

But if you want to know what is the best approach to getting the best pictures for your profile.

Check out our article on Tinder Pictures

We have an entire article written on Tinder Pictures where we go in-depth.

The in’s and out’s of how to take a proper picture for Tinder.

To even how you should select which pictures to use.



Unless you’re a photographer, men have a bad idea of what is a good picture and what is not. 

When it comes to the type of pictures you have in your profile, you want to consider a few things.

You have to think of your profile as a way of making a first impression.

When you meet a woman for the first time you’re going to be a few feet away to greet her.

You are going to want to have that same mentality for many of your pictures.

If most of your photos are from 10+ feet away, women are going to assume you are trying to hide some sort of insecurity.

Having many long shots of yourself makes feeling a connection to you difficult.

They aren’t going to sit there and try to figure out what you look like.

They will take the easy route and swipe left on you.

Do yourself a favor and have your first picture be up close.



This one ties in with the selfies if you only have photos with you, you aren’t showing much.

The type of people you surround yourself with, says a lot about you.

Having group photos gives off the idea that people enjoy spending time with you.

When you have no group pics.

It gives off the impression that you have no friends, or that no one wants to hang out with you.

When people want to spend their time with you it shows that you are a person of value.

That when people hang out with you, they get to enjoy a positive experience with you.

Having a group picture shows that you have friends as well as your height.

Without one it’s assumed you are short or have a low social status.


Tons of Group Photos

On the flip side.

Oftentimes men and women will have 90% of their pictures be of group shots.

When you do this, it causes women to stop and try to figure out which guy you are in the photo.

If you have lots of group pictures and long shots, it’s difficult to see who you actually are.

Girls won’t waste their time playing “Where’s Waldo” with your pictures.

They will make the assumption that you are the worst looking guy or the shortest guy in the group.

So unless you are the best looking guy and it’s very obvious which one in the group you are.

I recommend limiting the number of group photos to 1 or 2.


Incomplete Profile

The saying goes, in life, less is often more.

When it comes to your Tinder profile this can be true, but more often than not guys do it wrong.

If your profile does not have a bio, you will have far fewer matches.

If you only have 1 or 2 pictures, you will have fewer matches.

With bots becoming more common on Tinder, there are signs to these bots that are very common.

No bio or a very short spam bio, a few amount of pictures, no Spotify, and/or Instagram.

These are all signs that the profile you’re looking at is a bot.

Having an almost blank Tinder profile will have girls thinking that you are a bot.

Which will result in her swiping left on your profile.

This is a simple fix, by adding a few more photos, filling out your profile.

Not having a Blank Tinder profile will have girls take notice of your profile.

We’ve written on the subject of having a blank profile and how it affects your profile.

Find out more on our Blank Tinder Profiles article.

So if you have less than 4 pictures, your profile is incomplete. 

You should include at least 5-6 high-quality photos.


No Spotify

If you have a Spotify account, for the sake of not appearing as a “Bot” account.

Sync up your Spotify account with your Tinder profile.

Although not having this set up isn’t going to cripple the number of matches you are getting.


No Instagram

The highlight reel.

Women love to play private investigator.

They want to see what your life is about if they match with you.

I’m sure you’ve gone through several Instagram accounts from Tinder.

Like Spotify, if you have an Instagram account

Simple quick connect, If you don’t have an Instagram then this isn’t necessary

Having this synced should only help if your Instagram is up to par.


Poor Bio

Lame Jokes, The cliched, you went to the school of hard knocks in your education.

When it comes to bios, most men take the generic approach to this.

They list some interests and try to be funny.

While missing the target.

Your bio should be compelling and compliment your pictures.

I’ve written on ways to write a better bio that gets women to swipe right on you.

Check out How to Write a Tinder Bio, where I lay the steps and what to keep in mind when filling out your bio.


No Bio

Don’t give the appearance of a bot.

Use your bio as a way to compliment your profile.

Adding a simple call to action does wonders.

It will help girls start off the conversation with you as well.

Do yourself a favor and fill out your bio.


Overdone Bio

Do you have a wall of text in your bio?

Is it over-sexualized, or does it contain a ton of emojis?

It’s time to write a new bio.

A bio should be short and kept to the point.

You want your bio to sync with your profile pictures.

Your bio should be the cherry on top, not the whole ice cream.


Torso up, the first picture

Are you a Genie?

It’s common for most men to have the first picture on their profile from their waist up.

When it comes to your first picture, we recommend using a picture that shows you whole.

I’ve been trying to have you think of your Tinder profile as a first impression.

With this in mind, when you meet a woman out in public she’s going to see you for you.

Your whole self.

Showing your body in its entirety gets rid of any thoughts that you have anything to hide.

Giving her a true full first impression.

All Indoor Photos

Are your photos indoors?

When it comes to indoor photos you are going to want to limit them.

Even being out a concert, festival, or club adds to a sense of outdoor adventure.

Want you want is pictures of you out and about, whether that be hiking, at the pool, beach, or something outdoorsy.

These add a sense of adventure when it comes to who you are on your Profile.

Right now during COVID, this can be some of the best times to get some shots of you out in nature.

Women want to feel as though they are winning a guy who goes on adventures.


Don’t have girls in photos

Do you have pictures with several girls around you?

When it comes to Tinder, women don’t want to sit and think “Is that his sister/friend/relative” they will swipe left on you.

If they feel as though they are going to be competing with another girl for you.

They will make a simple choice and find another guy, there are plenty of them on Tinder.

So unless it’s obvious, the relationship you have with the girl in the photo, don’t post it.

Even then it would be best to avoid them altogether.


no hobbies or interests

Are most of your time spent watching Netflix, TV, or Youtube videos?

When I mention hobbies, is the only thing that comes to mind video games?

When it comes to your profile, having signs about what interests you have will help girls relate to you.



Do you have a small swiping radius?

If so, girls aren’t going to be able to see your profile.

We recommend setting your radius to at least 35 miles.



How narrow are your preferences, expanding this adds more girls to your possibilities.

If you have a small age range, there will be fewer girls seeing your profile.

We recommend extending your range by a few years and seeing how that affects your matches.



With your phone front-facing camera becoming better and better every year.

People are taking more and more selfies by the minute. 

A recent study by WSU shows that people who post selfies are less likable and successful.

Now whether you want to believe this study is up to you.

But here’s one thing that does hold true.

Have only selfies of yourself on your profile, you are going to get way fewer matches than what you are wanting.

Girls will assume you don’t go out much, or have many friends that are willing to take photos of you or with you.

Having photos taken of you from different styles to give you an idea of what is your “best” angle.

Do yourself a favor and put the selfie stick down and ask someone to take a few shots of you.



Bad Haircut

Is your hairstyle a blast from the blast?

If your hairstyling process only consists of running your fingers through your hair when it’s wet.

You may want to consider investing in some hair products and a hairstylist.

Whether you have gotten hair advice in the past or not.

As a man, it’s always recommended to keep up to date with hairstyles that fit your type of hair.

Keeping up to date with your hairstyling will help in getting more matches.

A well-kept haircut shows that you are the type of guy who invests his appearance and values himself.

So when it comes to staying up to date with your hair, be consistent.

Visit your hairstylist when you are noticing that you are wolfing and need a trim.


Controversial Pictures

When it comes to getting more matches on Tinder, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

Do I want more matches and dates?

Or, am I looking for something a bit long term?

Since you’re here I’m assuming you want more matches.

So when you are crafting your profile, and thinking of what picture to put on your profile.

Whether that be a hunting photo.

That picture of you at a political rally, or with some controversial figure or substance.

I’m telling you not to.

Listen I don’t care what your political alignment is or isn’t.

I don’t care if you hunt, or whether you are wanting to be funny.

When it comes to pictures that are polarizing.

You have to realize that you are isolating the number of potential matches.

I am here telling you HOW TO GET MORE MATCHES, not what to do with your life.

Some pictures will turn women off from you, even if they’re attracted to you.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you, but I recommend not putting up these pics.

Remove The Drugs & Alcohol

When it comes to Drugs & Alcohol my beliefs are going to fall with I said before in the Controversial section.

I don’t care what you do.

But when it comes to getting matches on Tinder there is something you should ask yourself.

Are most of your pictures of you with cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol?

With this, you can be signaling to women your health investment into yourself.

You can also be showing that you are only interested in partying.

Giving the feel of a good time is good, but there are way better ways of showing this.

Leave these types of pictures out and for your personal enjoyment.

Swiping Habits

When are you swiping?

Are you swiping during prime time?

If you are a free user are you doing all your daily swipes?

Do you only swipe right on model caliber girls?

Do you swipe left on girls you meant to swipe right on?

Not all hope is lost.

Check out our article on what you should do if you Accidently swiped left on Tinder

When it comes to models or Insta-hoes.

These girls are only on Tinder to get more Instagram and Snapchat followers.

You should be aware of this when you are swiping as well.

If you’re only swiping at 3 am when no one is on, well don’t expect much buzz back.

Keep your swiping habits to late afternoons and prime time.

Lack of Style

Clothes, Hair Style, Grooming, Trends

Are your clothes baggy?

Are you following old-style trends?

Do your clothes not match?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are going to want to up your style game.

We recommend you take a look at what’s popular now and imitate a style that you like.

Add some red clothing

When it comes to your wardrobe, style matters.

If you look at your closet and notice that you don’t have a lot of bold colors.

That your entire wardrobe is bland neutral colors.

You’re are missing out on some potential impact.

Adding some red to your outfits will give your profile pictures some punch.

If you’ve ever heard of the effects color have on one’s emotions.

Look at adding in some red into your life.

The color gives off the emotion of “power, energy, excitement, and passion. It makes peoples’ hearts beat faster.

Most guys stay in the “I’ll wear black/grey category”.

Black and white can be in your pictures, keep in mind to throw in some color to please the eyes.


Short Height in Bio

When it comes to Tinder, women are as shallow as men.

With many women stating in their bio that they “Only date guys over 6’0” when they are 5’2.

It can make being under 6’0 feel subpar.

There are workarounds to this, and you can do something about this

If you are under 6’0 do yourself a favor and don’t put that in your bio.

If you are 5’11 you can go ahead and give yourself the extra nice and mention your height.

When it comes to height stating anything under 5’11 is gonna get points taken off in her mental scorecard.

If you are on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Consider getting shoe inserts to make you appear taller.



Start today, twice a day, floss, mouth wash, dental check-up, cleaning, whitening.

This is a sensitive subject for many.

When it comes to your dental hygiene, I hope you keep up with it.

Most men don’t focus on their teeth and the effects are very noticeable.

Do you have crooked teeth?

What about yellow stained teeth?

To women, this is a huge sign of the type of individual you are.

A high caliber woman will become turned off at the sight of a man with crooked yellow teeth.

While you can whiten your teeth in a short amount of time with some dentist visits and discipline.

Fixing crooked teeth will take a bit longer.

Taking months to even years depending on the severity of your teeth.

There are some core products every man should always have.

In your bathroom cabinet, you should have the following…

  • Less than a 3-month-old toothbrush
  • Toothpaste(whichever you prefer)
  • Floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Teeth Whitener(if needed)

As a man, I don’t believe I should be telling other men to take better care of their dental hygiene.

Yet it happens, so I’m telling you in case “Fix your dental routine”

In short, don’t be that guy.

Fix your dental habits, brush your damn teeth.


Smile More

If you have bad teeth, smiling with your teeth exposed is going to be uncomfortable for you.

Most men(and women) with bad teeth won’t smile with their teeth showing.

They’ll usually grin, or smile with their lips.

Now, this can and does work.

Women will notice a smile where you’re grinning ear to ear and see that you are being genuine.

When it comes to having your photo taken with a smile you will have to experiment through trial and error.

Become comfortable with smiling, get advice on your “good angle”, be candid, don’t force it.

Studies have shown that smiling more, makes you more attractive.

In short, smile more, get photos from different angles with different smiles to see what is your best shot.

Also, smiling makes you more attractive.


Bad facial hair

Are you letting your facial hair grow but neglect to maintain it?

If you look like you’ve escaped the amazon forest or a from a deserted island.

Investing in a good set of clippers will be well worth it in the long run.

A man with well-groomed facial hair stands out to women.

This is another case of getting feedback.

If you are unsure of what is the best way to style your facial hair.

Get a large varied amount of feedback.

Again this is all about your impression on women.

If you appear like you take care of yourself, you are going to attract more matches from hotter women.

So, Invest in clippers, go to a barber and style your facial hair to how it grows out, and maintain it.



Have a lot of acne or bad skin?

This is another turn off for most girls.

Most men never think twice about having a skincare routine.

Social stigma may have embedded in them the idea that taking care of their skin is a feminine quality in a person.

I am gonna have to disagree.

Taking care of your skin adds a massive amount of self-confidence to anyone.

If you’ve ever had a pimple flaring out.

You know it can make you self conscious.

This is easily fixed by purchasing a few products.

I use a combination of face wash, cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and eye cream.

As a bonus, using products will allow you to look younger longer. It’s a win-win situation

Another skincare feature I’ve begun using is drinking around a gallon of water a day.

This has done wonders on my skin and the number of outbreaks I used to receive.

In short, get a skincare routine, and drink lots of water.



This one is a bit difficult to resolve right now.

Depending on how far in the future you are, COVID has played a major role in having a job right now.

With COVID-19, unemployment has hit staggering numbers nationwide.

Being unemployed may be overlooked when it comes to your Tinder profile.

So what do you do if you are unemployed?

I recommend putting the job title of your former employer for now.

If you have every intention of going back to a regular job then putting your job title will often be enough.

If you are starting your own business, I would not recommend putting it.

“CEO”, or “Business Owner”. It’s going to get you the wrong type of attention.

If you didn’t have a job or weren’t going to school previous to COVID.

Consider using “Aspiring/Junior (title)” even “Title”

Whether that be writer, artist, musician, construction work or whatever your profession is.

Displaying some sort of career direction is going to be more appealing to women.

It shows that you are in a direction towards something in life.

Girls want to feel like they are winning over a guy who has something going on in his life.

Don’t leave this blank.

Use your former job title or aspirational career title.


your standards are too high

Are you on Tinder going after Instagram type girls?

Are your only targeted swipes on cocktail waitresses? Models?

I’m all for having high standards in life.

I will never tell anyone to lower their standards with women unless it’s deserved.

When it comes to Tinder this is going to be one of those moments where you ask yourself this question.

“Are the women I’m swiping on even able to notice my account?”

With an estimated 78.1% of users on Tinder being men.

On Tinder women have no shortage when it comes to choosing a guy to match with.

When an average to even below average looking girl can match with hundreds of guys in an evening

With this information, the possibility of landing a match with a 9 or 10 is very possible.

It’s more unlikely unless you are a “high status” guy as well.

What is viewed as high status?

Celebrity, Musician, “Influencer”(More than a couple thousand followers).

My goal for you is to get you matches and on dates with girls that you are attracted to.

So if you’re swiping away at 9’s and 10’s and they are not a bot account.

Realize that you may have to lower your standard a bit to get more matches.


Low ELO Score

Low ELO? What is this chess?

Guess what, your Tinder profile has an Elo score attached to it.

This score is a representation of your account, swiping habits, and messaging habits.

For example, if you match with a bunch of girls and never message.

If you swipe like on every girl you come across.

Your Elo will fluctuate.

Your Elo is what allows women to see your Tinder profile.

The higher your Elo, the more likely your account is to be first when she starts swiping.

To recap, if you are doing activities that Tinder considers as points against your profile.

These can be getting unmatched by many girls, matching with many girls, and never sending out messages.

These types of actions all affect your Elo score. And your Elo is what gets girls to see you.


Not Using Tinder Enough

How often are you on Tinder?

If you are swiping at 5 am on a Wednesday, each week and at no other time.

Well, you aren’t going to be getting many matches.

Lining up your swiping time with peak hours can.

Set time during peak swiping hours to use tinder, being active on Tinder is a must as it increases the odds.

All you’re doing is cast more fishing lines to catch more.


Send messages to matches right away

If you are receiving a few messages, you want to be certain that you are sending the right type of messages.

Messages that are going to get her to want to respond and go on a date with you.

I have set up a resource section, here you can download my How to win at messaging guide.

Where I tell you proper techniques to send out messages to get girls to want to respond to you.


Quick Solutions

When it comes to the issues discussed above.

The best part about all these issues is that they are simple fixes.

Many of these fixes can take a few hours, a few days to a month tops.

Using these solutions will give you close to immediate results when it comes to matches.


hire a photographer

When it comes to taking photos for your Tinder profile.

You are going to want to pick your most flattering pictures.

Pictures that appear as candid as possible, and get your best look.

If you have no experience when it comes to taking high-quality photos, a photographer.

I’ve outlined in an article Tinder Pictures, on the best way to hire a Photographer.


watch styling youtube videos

Is your wardrobe stuck in the past?

Don’t know where to get started when it comes to your hair?

Well, let me introduce you to your new styling teacher, Youtube.

When it comes to learning anything, Youtube is an amazing platform to learn from.

If you are wanting to learn what is a good hairstyling routine for your skin type.

Search on Youtube.

There are plenty of tutorial videos of people who show you how to get started.

Whether it be with cooking, hair styling, picking out clothes, even what colors go well with each other.

There is a Youtube video on it.

I do recommend checking out several Youtubers and not one.

As well as trying to be specific to the type of style you are trying to achieve.


Try using super likes

If you are not using Super Likes, well you’re not using Tinder to its full advantage.

In short, Tinder lets you send one super like a day(if you’re a non paid user).

So when she starts swiping, your profile will be amongst the first seen by her.

When she comes across your profile, Tinder will prompt a notification to her, telling her that you sent a Super Like.

This is a great way to stand out.

If you’re a subscriber, you will receive 5 super likes a day.

No matter what type of user you are, Tinder allows you the option to buy more Super Likes whenever you want.


Pay for the boost

If you are wanting for an immediate spike in matches.

If you are also willing to shell out the money and pay for a Boost.

Where your profile is straight to the front of the swipe queue no matter your profile’s Elo.

This allows you to get 30 minutes of exposure to any girl currently swiping.

If you are wanting to best use this feature, to maximize the cost to benefit.

Consider purchasing this feature during prime time hours.

If you are curious about the best way to use Tinder boost, check out our Best Time to use Tinder Boost article.


add a pet

There is something about a pet that women are drawn to.

Whether it be that they don’t know the difference between good or evil.

It’s the fact that pets give love unconditionally.

They think that a pet shows that you are capable of taking care of something else other than yourself.

If you’re considering getting a pet, for matches on Tinder.


That said if you have been considering owning a pet.

You have the financial means to take care of a pet.

By all means, go ahead.

For those of you who can’t, well I have a workaround for you.

Have relatives, or friends that have pets?

If they don’t mind having you take a few pictures with their pets this is a solution.

Use the excuse, “I want to see what I would look like owning a pet”

If you don’t have access to friends or family members with pets.

Head to your local adoption shelter.

Some of the places let people adopt pets for a week or two.

IF you want to adopt for a limited time, ask if you can take a picture with an animal you choose.

I prefer to adopt a dog for a few weeks, as it lets me get an idea if I want a dog or not.

It allows you to make a new friend, and do some good for dogs out there that are in shelters.

Long story short, girls love dogs.


grow a beard

Do you have the ability to grow out facial hair?


You can get started… Today…

Now while growing out a full-blown majestic mane may take some time.

With COVID, you can go through the awkward initial growing phase and have it seen by other people.

It adds maturity.

While it’s pretty simple to not shave.

You will want to do some maintenance every once in a while to keep it looking clean.

Don’t forget about being hygienic with proper washing and oiling your lion’s mane.



When it comes to these issues, these will take much longer to begin noticing results from.

These are the types of issues that take a significant amount of time to work on.

Where seeing progress on these will only begin to show after a few months of consistent work.



Girls don’t like the idea of boring, they want to feel a positive experience, a sense of adventure.

So is your profile generic or dull?

If your profile is a copy-paste of what most other guys on Tinder are doing?

You need to spice it up. It’s your lifestyle.

Find a few new hobbies or sports and start engaging with them.

Get off the computer or phone and enjoy life.

Get back to Tinder with these new passions and your profile will pop.



In a world where fat acceptance is being pushed more and more.

It’s very polarizing for someone to advocate for people who are overweight to lose weight.

Well, guess what?

If you are overweight you are going to get fewer matches over someone who manages their diet.

If you are over 15% body fat, then you fall into the category of being overweight.

Let’s ignore the many health complications that come with being overweight.

You are out of shape, and it’s not attractive.

If you are wanting the higher caliber type of women, on Tinder.

Then realize that competition is high and you are going to want to add every advantage you can get.

I was once 260lb.

It took 2 years of hard work, I got down to 180lbs, now I’m in the best shape of my life.

Getting in shape changed the number of matches I got on Tinder.



Lack of Muscle

 Are you overweight?

 Are you so skinny that it looks like the wind would carry you off with a simple breeze?

 To the point, girls like men with muscles.

 Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, overweight, or even average.

 Women will gain a sense of safety when around a man that has muscle definition.

 This is a longer issue to address, but the results you notice can come in within a few weeks.

 Solving this issue you will begin to notice subtle shifts in your mentality and how people see you.


Longer Solutions

 When it comes to these events, the truth is that there is no fast track to solving these.

 These issues need significant change.

 They demand discipline, planning, and trial and error.

 Most importantly, consistency.

 These take time to adopt.

 As much as I want to say, go on a diet, exercise, and get some hobbies.

 It doesn’t work like that for everyone.

 I am going to try and give my view on each.

 How you can approach it from many angles.

 If you feel as though I have missed something feel free to reach out and leave your two cents.


Fix Lifestyle

 Addressing your lifestyle is going to show many things in your life that you may not have noticed.

 Are you a messy guy who stacks up the dishes?

 Don’t clean your living area?

 Do you wear dirty laundry cause you forgot to do laundry again?

 Are you the guy who stays up until 3 – 4 in the morning watching Netflix often?

 Becoming an interesting man isn’t something that you do in a few days.

 Sorry to say, you can work on getting a more interesting bio.

 Which will get you matches.

 But if you’re a boring guy in real life with nothing interesting going.

 This starts showing within the cracks of the foundation of your personality.

 You need to gain some interest in things other than Netflix, and watching videos.

 Read some books, get involved in networking groups.

 Become interesting by becoming interested.

 These all begin falling into place when you start taking control of your life.



This is the most difficult part for many to get down.

For me, I had a bad diet, I struggled to lose weight in my early years of college.

Fast forward to today, and I’m still trying to eat as clean as possible.

In today’s fast-paced world, diet is an area where many neglect.

When it’s convenient to order out some fast food, or microwave.

Diet is vital when it comes to solving many issues that were mentioned.

Your diet will be the key to opening up more matches on Tinder.

If you’re overweight or on the other end of the spectrum underweight.

Your diet will dictate where your body will progress.

In good faith, I can’t tell you what diet to approach.

Seeing a medical professional that has run tests, and a dietician to develop a diet for your needs.

This is the best approach.

If you can’t afford to do this, then you are going to have to ask yourself what is your goal?

 Are you trying to bulk up? Lose weight?

 You are going to have to try a diet out for a few weeks, and assess how your body is reacting.

 Avoid those, “You’re going to lose 50 pounds in 2-3 weeks with this pill”

 It’s all marketing mumbo jumbo to get you to buy their product.

 Eat clean, eat healthily.

 Stay within any dietary restrictions you may have.

 There are plenty of diets out there.

 Low carb, Keto, Vegan, Carnivore, Paleo, etc…

 Again, I am not a dietician, you are going to have to do your own research to find out what best works for your body.



If you are overweight, skinny, or have no muscle definition.

Working out is going to do you favors with getting more matches.

Not only are you building muscle.

With Exercise, you’ll also experience higher sex drive, better sleep, lower levels of depression, and many other benefits.

I understand though, there are so many different exercises to do what should you get into?

For me, I have a blend of running, stretching, and calisthenics.

Much like a diet, I can’t tell you what to do.

You may hate cardio or the thought of going to the gym.

Biking might seem appealing to one person.

Where hiring a personal trainer might be appealing to someone else.

There is no one correct approach to this.

The only approach that I’ve seen work is actually showing up and putting in the work.

You can spend all day researching different workouts, and gyms.

When it comes down to it, doing the exercise is the only way you are going to get any results.

All you have to do is show up even and take the first couple of steps day by day.

It does become easier the more often you go.


Account Bugged

There are some errors that your Tinder account may experience.

The first one being error 5000.

This error means that Tinder’s servers are down.

The error message you don’t want to see is error 40303.

We go in-depth on each article and give you in detail what each error entails.


Reported as a spammer

Are you doing things to get your profile Shadowbanned?

Are you spam buying Boosts?

Are you sending spam messages to matches?

If your profile is flagged for spam.

You will want to first find out what actions led to your account becoming flagged.

If it’s something that you may have done, then consider changing up the approach.

Or not doing that action.

Do what you can to avoid being Shadow Banned, check this article out if you are curious about the ins and outs of being Shadow Banned. 


Get a 2nd opinion on your profile

Best to have an outside perspective give you pointers.

If you are unsure whether your profile sucks or not.

Getting a second opinion on it is your best bet.

You might like your profile, but if you’re not getting matches you’re doing something wrong. 


Profile Review in FB Group

Getting opinions from people that are on Facebook is a popular way of getting feedback.

Our Pick Up Pros private Facebook group will offer such advice.

If you are part of any Facebook groups that are specific towards dating.

This is your best bet when it comes to constructive criticism from outside sources.


Profile Review on Reddit

This may not be my favorite recommendation.

When it comes to Reddit, the amount of white knighting is pretty baffling.

But if you’re up to it, throwing your profile for critiques on Reddit is a way to get criticism.

Check out getting your profile checked out on either or

Or check out some of the other lesser popular subreddits.

Either way, Reddit is going to be a hit or miss.


Reset your profile

If you get to the point. where you want or need a brand new Tinder profile.

Delete your current profile and start a new one.

Upon creation of a new account, Tinder will give you a mini Tinder Boost.

 This is a good way to also test out big changes to your profile and see how it reacts. 


Final Thoughts

When it comes down to brass tax.

Getting more matches on Tinder is a lot of trial and error.

There is no “One Thing” you need to do to get more matches.

But several different options you have where you might be able to improve on.

Fixing your profile will have to have you taking a step back and examining what the results are.

If you are unsure where your Tinder profile needs work.

Post a screenshot in the comments below, and even consider having us break down your profile on a one on one call.

Your Tinder profile may need a few tweaks to push the needle to get several matches a day.

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