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If you are reading this article, chances are you have no matches on Tinder. That sucks, seriously. I remember when I was getting no matches. I felt horrible. Friends would get matches and proclaim how great the app was for dating and hookups. In this guide I’ll showcase different issues that might be hindering your ability to get matches. I’m going to be putting these in order from quick to longer issues.



If you have grainy and blurry tinder pictures, only the bots will swipe right.


If you have lots of group pictures and long shots, its difficult to see who you actually are. Girls will not be able to figure out who you are and aren’t going to make assumptions.


Having a group picture shows that you have friends as well as your height. Without one its assumed you are short or have a low social status.


If you have less than 4 pictures, your profile is incomplete. Girls like to see multiple pictures per profile. We suggest that you include at a minimum 5-6 high quality photos.


A bio is a good way to include more information about yourself and to allow a girl to qualify herself. Many will not swipe right if you are missing a bio.


Take a few minutes and connect your spotify, instagram, and add an anthem. While these don’t make a big difference, it helps make your profile more complete.


Do you have a small swiping radius? If so, girls aren’t going to be able to see your profile. We recommend setting your radius to a minimum of 35 miles.


If you have a small age range, there will be less girls seeing your profile. We recommend extending your range by a few years and seeing how that affects your matches.


If you have any selfies in your profile, we recommend that you remove them. They are considered low quality photos. Get someone to take your picture.


Have a picture with a politician or some other controversial figure or substance? Remove it. Even if a girl is attracted to you, she will swipe left.


Do you only swipe right on model caliber girls? Chances are, they aren’t swiping right on you and are only on Tinder to get more Instagram and Snapchat followers. Start swiping more liberally. Is the girl cute? Swipe right


Are your clothes baggy? Are you following old style trends? Do your clothes not match? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to change up your style. We recommend you take a look at what’s popular now and emulating a style that you like.


Have a dated haircut or really short hair? We recommend you growing out your hair and getting it cut to a popular style. This is a really easy way to appear more attractive.


Have a wall of text, over sexualized, or tons of emojis in your bio? It’s time to write a new bio. A bio should be short and kept to the point.


Are you under 6’0 and list your height in your bio? If so girls are swiping left on your profile. If you are in the 5’10-5’11 range, you can get away with 6’0. If you are shorter, we recommend getting these shoe inserts to make you appear taller.



Do you have yellow teeth or crooked teeth? This is definitely a turn off for most girls. While you can whiten your teeth in a shortened amount of time, fixing crooked teeth will need help from a dentist. Below we listed a few products that can help out with the yellow teeth. Personally using a combination of a mouthwash, good toothpaste, and teeth whitener will allow for bright white teeth in no time.


Have a lot of acne or bad skin? This is another turn off for most girls. This is easily fixed though with a few products. I personally use a combination of face wash, cleaner, moisturizer, serum, and eye cream. I linked all the products down below for your convenience. As a bonus, using these products will allow you to look younger longer. It’s a win-win situation


Look, if you have no upward potential in your life, you aren’t going to get matches. Why would a girl want to match with a loser. Get your life straight and get out there and grind for a job or a degree.



Is your profile over generic? You need to spice it up. It’s probably your lifestyle. Find a few new hobbies or sports and start engaging with them. Get off the computer or phone and enjoy life. Get back to Tinder with these new passions and your profile will pop.


Are you over 15% body fat? If so you, you need to go on a diet. Look you are out of shape, and it’s not attractive. I was once 260lb. Within 2 years I got down to 180lbs and now in the best shape of my life. Getting in shape dramatically changed the amount of matches I got on Tinder. The easiest ways to get into better shape are to start running, going to the gym, and changing your diet.

Personally for me, I had a bad diet and was still able to lose weight by going to the gym and running daily. I’m still in the process of eating clean, but I can tell you that just getting some exercise in, you will lose weight.



If you look like a twig, you need to hit the weight room and start eating properly. Adding muscle will significantly improve your attractiveness, and within a few months, you should be able to gain a few pounds of muscle. This is much easier than someone who has to lose weight.


Look, improving your profile is going to take a decent amount of effort. For most people, it’s not going to be something that is going to change over night. If you make small improvements every week, you will eventually have a great profile and no longer have to worry about having no matches on Tinder.

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Want to get more matches, dates and hookups?

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About Ryan N.

A former 260 lbs overweight nerd with gpa of 7.32, graduated high school as a valedictorian. He never made time for girls, school was his priority. While this is all great on paper, his morale was at an all time low. He wanted a change… “I wanted to land my first kiss, so I decided to change.” That’s when Ryan choose to spend hundreds of hours understanding the algorithm to the online dating world. Developing systems and profiles that made women naturally swipe like on his profile.

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Want to get more matches, dates and hookups?

Join our FREE newsletter that shares secret tactics and behind the scene strategies.

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