Pros And Cons of Tinder

Pros and Cons of Tinder

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So you are contemplating downloading Tinder? In this guide I’ll be going through the pros and cons of tinder among my experience on the app the past few years.



Assuming you have pictures ready to go, a Tinder profile can be created within minutes. All that’s needed is pictures, a bio, and connections to spotify and instagram. To create an account, a user has to login with either Facebook or a phone number.

This process should be pretty straightforward and take a maximum of 10-15 minutes.


Tinder makes it really easy to use the app. Similiar to the hot or not platform,  users swipe left or right depending on how attractive they feel the girl is. Super Likes are also available and free users have the option of using one per day. 

If two users both swipe right, they match and the profiles go to a messaging stage. From there you can flirt and eventually lead to a date.


Probably the best reason to use Tinder, you can meet a lot of new people. These matches can either turn into dates,  hookups, relationships or friendships. You never know who you end up meeting.

The cool part about it is that you may have never met that person without the use of the app.


Do you have some free time to kill at work, school, or are you bored? You can pull up Tinder and start swiping. The ease of the app allows you to swipe whenever and wherever you are.


Since you haven’t met your matches outside the platform, Tinder is a great way to improve your text game. Messaging is the only way to be able to convert your matches to dates.



To  properly use the app,  you have to to be swiping daily and continuing to optimize your profile. This takes time away from your day when you could be going out meeting girls in person and improving your day and night game


From past experiences, I’ve had bad luck with flakes, being ghosted and stood up. Some girls you’ll arrange a date with a few days in advanced, and you’ll never here back from them.  Others just never respond to messages.The worst though is being stood up. In fact, my first ever tinder date, I was stood up at a Sushi restaurant. It was awful and embarrassing. 


Some of the girls on the platform tend to be judgmental towards shirtless, gym, hunting, or fishing  pics. You’ll see bios mentioning that its an automatic left swipe. This shouldn’t matter, but it’s something you won’t experience in day game.


Converting a match into a date can sometime take over a week! When gaming in person, the process can be much quicker and efficient. 


Each free user has 100 right swipes per day. If you want to swipe right more than that, you must be a paid subscriber.


Some of the girls on Tinder could care less about getting matches. All they want is thirsty guys to send them money over venmo. Its common to see “Venmo me and see what happens”


Another group of girls that don’t care about matching are the ones that want to boost their social media followings. They’ll often have their instagram and or Snap in their bios to get followers.


While Tinder has done a better job recently  getting rid of bots, there are still a lot on the platform. They’ll try to scam you so be careful and make sure you are talking to a real person.


Download Tinder and use it as a supplement to meeting girls in person. Don’t become too reliant on the app, but use it as a tool to get dates and improve your text game.


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