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swipe left or right

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Swiping left or right is today’s version of hot or not. A simple yes or no. Am I attracted to her? Swipe right. Is she unattractive? Swipe left

It’s been popularized by swiping dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. Users swipe on girls left or right. If both the guy and girl swipe right, it’s a match. If one or both users swipe left, there is no match.

When shouldn’t you swipe right.

Everything is a headshot

Girls that have a headshot for every picture tend to be overweight. They like to add only headshot pictures as it’s a way to hide the fat. 

Pictures are far away

If all the pictures are from far away, a girl is trying to hide her face & or body. There are exceptions to the rule, but most are hiding something.

More attractive friends in every photo

Girls that do this try to raise their attractiveness or make you believe she’s one of the more attractive girls in the photo.

Snapchat filters on pictures

The Snapchat filters are going to distort all the pictures hiding features that you need to see.

No real pictures

There’s a reason why all of her pics are memes or random images. She’s really ugly or a catfish

Can you undo a right or left swipe?

Yes, Tinder & Bumble have options where you can undo a swipe. Tinder is a paid feature, while Bumble allows users to use it for free for a few times each day, 

Should you swipe right on everyone?

You can technically swipe right on everyone, but we would highly advise against it. It lowers your ELO score, and you might come across as a bot. 

How long can you keep swiping right on Tinder or Bumble?

Tinder allows for 100 right swipes per day, Bumble also has a limit as well that was recently implemented. 

How to tell if someone swiped right on you

You can only see if someone swiped right on you with the paid features on Bumble & Tinder. With Bumble, you have to purchase a boost subscription, and on Tinder, you have to pay for gold.

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