Tinder Date Ideas

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In this list, I go over 21 first tinder date ideas.


Go to a local coffee shop or to a national chain like Starbucks.


Visit a local bar. Whether is a dive bar or local college bar. It’s a great way to know your match.

Craft Brewery

Much better alcohol than a local bar. Get a craft beer.

Sporting Event

Catch a baseball, football, hockey, basketball or soccer match. Root for your home team.


Go catch a show at a local venue. The more intimate the venue the better.


Roll some strikes at the bowling alley.

Miniature Golf

Putting is low stress and an easy way to get some 1 on 1 time.


Check out some art displays and galleries.


Air hockey and other arcade games are always fun to play


Check out the wildlife and walk around the zoo


See all the different marine animal exhibits

Ice Cream / Desserts

Go out for ice cream or some other type of sweet

Local Festival

Cities tend to have some sort of local festivals every weekend. Take her to one and explore what’s going on.


Every city has a local park with some green space. Walk around and get to know each other.

Rock Climbing

Nothing wrong with getting some exercise on the first date. Go check out a rock climbing gym.


Go visit a farmers or flea market. There is lots of stands and will keep you busy for a few hours.

Shopping (Thrifting, Vinyls, Mall, etc.)

Girls love to shop. Go thrifting, check out some vinyls or walk the mall. The choices are endless.

Escape Room

Escape rooms continue to grow in popularity. Go have some fun trying to solve the mystery.

Theme Park

If you both have passes to a theme park, it’s a great first date idea. Disney, Universal or Six Flags?

Trampoline Park

Get some exercise and jump around the park.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this helps with selecting a proper venue for a first date.

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