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What is tinder error 5000

If you get error code 5000, you are sort of in luck. Tinder is down, but you aren’t banned. 

Tinders Servers are down

This error code lets users know that the servers are down. 

What to do when tinder is down

Download Bumble

This is the closest app to Tinder. While you don’t have as many users on the app, the profiles are much more complete.

Download Hinge

Hinge tends to be more for relationships than hooking up, but it still is a high quality dating app. There seems to be a better ratio of guys to girls so you might have good luck on the app.

Go out to a bar or nightclub

Expand your horizons when getting girls. You don’t only need to use swipe apps. Go out and make some cold approaches. You need to practice all parts of game.

How to know if Tinder is down?

Down Detector

Check the website down detector. It will let you know if Tinders servers are down


Look and see if other people have the problem. You’ll see tweets about it.

How Do you fix Tinder error 5000

This is a longshot, since it tends to be Tinder’s servers that are down, but try these steps if you are  desperate to swipe.

  • Avoid using a VPN
  • Check Your internet connection
  • Redownload Tinder
  • Use the web version of Tinder
  • Clear Tinder App Data on Android Devices
  • Check and see if you have the most up to date version of Tinder

Other Common Tinder Errors

Error 40403

If you get this error, you are banned from Tinder. You’ll need to make a completely new account.

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