Tinder Name Puns

Tinder Name Puns

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Looking for the ultimate guide on Tinder Name Puns? Here at The Pickup Pros, we’ve compiled a list of name puns for Girls. Use any of these bellow when you want to send a pun to a match. 

We personally don’t recommend sending these to a match if you want to date or hookup, use at your own discretion. Anyways, here is the list.


I want to explore Aleia


Alexa, play Despacito

Alexa, what’s your favorite restaurant.


I might have adhd, but you have alma attention


You have a really pretty name, it feels like we mermaid for each other.


Arjen’t you cute


Being as hot as a flamethrower, I’m surprised you’re not banned under the Gene-Ava Conventions.


Hey, how Aya doing?


Your hair smells so nice when Eileen over you in your sleep


If I had to choose between one million dollars and Emily-ion naps, I’d choose the naps every single time.


Is it crazy  to think I matched with a real  person, or “Emma” out of my mind.


I hopeanne pray you will go out with me


I don’t mean to start off corny, but I wanted to let you know you have impressive Jen-etics


Your so cute, is sKaren me.


I’ve always considered myself more or a Kat person


I’ve never been religious, but I think I need a Kristening


Can I Liv with you

Is Liv short for livid?  Because that’s what I’d be if you didnt respond to this message


I’ve run a few maranathons myself


Damn girl are you a genie? Because you look like you could grant all Mehvishes


I can’t wait to see Olivia


Being in a relationship is a lot like being in a poker tournament.

At some point you got to go Ollin 


Oh gosh. Does this mean I have to start carrying a bookmark if I don’t want to lose you.



body once told me the world is gonna roll me

I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed


I’m actually a big fan of foreign currency


I think your name is missing an N.

Because you Sophine, you blow my mind


I’ve never been to Japan, but I’ve always wanted to go Suma wrestling


The other day, I was at a museum, and I saw the most magnificent Dino exhibit. My favorite dinosaur was on display, the Taradactyl


If we  ever got together, there would be no Taryn us apart


I know what I’m doing Tuesday


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